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    Wella colour questions??

    Hi, I have some questions on Wella colours, (I normally work with Loreal). Can Koleston Perfect and Intense Reds be used on the scalp? Can you use 12% with Koleston perfect on the scalp? How many shades will Koleston Perfect Special Blondes lift? Any help would be great! Thanks :)
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    Anyone tried new Loreal Mens colour Cover 5'?

    Ive just recieved information on the new mens range from Loreal Cover 5' and was wondering if anyone had tried this? Its ment to be applied at the backwash and only takes 5mins to process (so very discreate) and blends in up to 50% of grey hair. I only recieved samples of the new Shampoo range...
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    Anyone know of a very bright copper?!

    Hi, Im hoping for a little advice on a colour client i have just had in... She had a crazy colour so hope you understand this: Natural Base: 6.3 (dark golden blonde) Slices (parting only) Majicontrast pure copper 40vol and 8.45 20vol Top section (inbetween foils (foil & tone)) colour suprime...
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    Tantruth Salon Spray Tan

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone had ever used/tried Tantruth Salon Spray? I normally use Fake Bake and am really pleased but just fancied trying something different and Tantruth is advertised and on offer in the latest Sally's offers booklet. So any info would be great? Thanks:eek:
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    Air Conditioning

    Hi, Can anyone recommend an Air Conditioning/Heating System or company? They are all so expensive i want to know ive got a good one! Thanks:eek:
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    Im not sure if anyone has any advice to give on this... I have a member of staff that i think maybe taking things from my Salon,i have no physical proof of this but i have been watching & checking for months and things are disapearing revolving around this person. Im not sure how best to deal...
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    How to remove moles...?!

    Hi, My sister has a small mole on the back of her leg (calf) she has been to the doctors to ask if there is anyway it can be removed they said they could cut it off but she would be left with a scar. Im thinking with the amazing things lasers can do these days would she be able to have it...
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    Nail Technician/Beauty Therapist - Chester

    Im looking for a Beauty Therapist/Nail Tech who is friendly,reliable and enthusiastic to work in our lovely Chester based Salon,anyone who's interested please send your CV to or call 07974 246945
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    Body Contour Wraps

    Hi, Im thinking of having Body Contour Wraps as a new treatment in my Salon,ive done some research into Universal body contour wraps and they seem good? Do they actually work and are are clients really interested in this as a treatment?! My beauty therapist seems to think so! Thanks