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    Hello strangers

    Oooh its been an age, hi to all my friendly geeks ....what have I missed? X
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    Renting a salon for two days a week.

    Hi Geeks Can anyone give me an idea of how much I should be asking for rental of my salon 2 days a week. To include all bills, access to nail table, couch/waxing room, basically the whole salon for 2 days. I realise this will vary according to area but a rough figure would be a great...
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    Coating Minx

    This has probably been asked 100 times before but ive had a fight with the acetone today and wondered if there is anything that I can coat my minx with for protection, just for me not for clients....
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    Window Picture Vinyls

    Can anyone tell me where I can get some window pictures in coloured vinyl......
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    Minx Other Hand Tips

    Just completed my first set of minx on my toes....all good, once I got the filing sorted... Im ready to move on to my finger nails... Soooo ...any tips for doing 'the other hand' would be much appreciated xx
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    Minx Heat

    Can someone put me right please.. I remember reading that if you change the bulb in your lamp to infra red you can invaidate your insurance is this correct? I have just read on the Minx site that this is an option.... Do I need the Minx Heat to apply Minx? No, to insure proper application...
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    Messages to

    Ok .. So what is this little message box on the bottom of the site???? All the Geeks online in a list ..... Only it says 0 lol Is this going to be up & running soon??? Did I miss an anouncement? That would be fab,,,,talk to any geek anytime wooop wooop
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    Messages to

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    Mens American Pedi

    Can anyone tell me what an "American Mens Pedicure" is please...... I have had a client request this.... Thankoooooooooooooooo
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    Buying Samples

    Does anyone have any idea where I can buy a bulk of samples: Hand creme, body lotion etc for clients??
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    Association Memberships

    Just a little question regarding memberships to Beauty Associations..... Having changed my insurance to a less well known company I am considering paying to belong to an association body.....for example The Guild or Babtac....... I am looking to become an associate member.. Now my...
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    Minx Training

    Ok, please dont all shoot me but.... I have seen nail techs say if you can do nails you should easily be able to do minx without the training. I would like to ask if you think the training is necessary?? Also, do you recieve a certificate for attending?? Many thanks... Oooh...
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    CND Raw Earth

    Having just cut open my old style tubes, seeing as there was plenty in there that wouldnt squeeze out..... I have decanted the Foot Buff & Footmask into dishes .....however, I didnt use it all.... Which is the best way to store them now they are in dishes....if this is even possible....will it...
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    Treatment Room Usage Help...

    Hi Geekys What would you do?? I am getting lots of requests for facials and massage... Heres my salon set up: 1. I work alone in the salon 2. I have one large, long room with nail desk, sofa & reception to the front. 3. The room is partitioned with blinds, behind this I have my...
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    CND French Mani

    I am having a poblem with my french polish drying.....Well im not but some of my clients are.... My question is: Has anyone compared the drying time for the new CND polishes, do they dry much quicker??? I am applying very thin coats and finishing with a coat of super shiny, they seem to be...
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    IBD Top Coat

    Has anyone had any problems with the new packaged IBD top coat (brown glass bottle)... My Ellisons didnt have any CND Gloss so I bought this one, Ive used the old grey/blue bottled one with no probs... This one is dull & is ending up looking rough and not feeling smooth to the touch...
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    Level 2 NVQ Waxing

    Hi Geeks Can anyone tell me if a beautician with the above cert would be covered for hot waxing or would that have to be a specialised course. Unit BT6 Remove hair using waxing techniques (J/102/5363) Many thanks
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    Opportunity Knocks...Or does it.....??

    Hi Geeks......this is a difficult one ... Now I cant say too much but.... Would you be happy to promote/demo professional beauty products to the general untrained public on live TV? To include Gel Nails, Stick on Temporary Nails & other beauty products..... I would be promoting these...
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    Extention Care

    Hi Hair Geeks Can you recommend a good condtioning treatment for extentions please. My daughter (final month of qualification) is putting them in, shes completed 2 sets before for me & they wear really well..... I have one pack of good ones & one pack of not so good ones, they will...
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    Extra Clinical Services

    Hi Geeks Just wondered how many of you have taken on external companys spending a day each month/week at your salon... I have recieved an offer such as this, they offer me 20% and the nurse comes in and does a day offering fillers, teeth whitening etc etc Anyone have any views or feeback...