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  1. e-beauty

    Any mobile acrylic /gel nail technicians around Horsham?

    Hi All, Hope I am posting in the right place? I am looking for a new Nail technician as the lady who currently does my nails has moved away :( I am working full time so need someone who can come and do them at mine of an evening. If anyone can recommend me to anyone or is able to do it...
  2. e-beauty

    help hormonal out of control skin, best way to treat??

    my client/friend had a baby 10 weeks ago, she has just started her period, and had coil conterceptive put it. she was using special cleansing gel from derma and skin smoothing cream but its really drying out her skin, so she swaped to essential cleansing which is more Comfortable but she is...
  3. e-beauty

    Eyelash conditioner?

    Hiya Geeks, my client has really weak and dry eyelashes and wants tips to get longer thicker and most of all heathly looking eyelashes. what would you geeks suggest? i do vaseline treatments on mine, which isnt working for her, so am stuck. Thanks inadvance :hug: Danielle xxxxxxxx
  4. e-beauty

    Advice Plz Geeks, How many colours in this womens hair?

    Hey Geeks, How Many colours do you think this women (jennifer Esposito) has in her hair? and how would you say its been done? ie has she had a darker colour all over first then the golden tones added, or do you think she add the dark colours added after the gold?? dont worry i am not going...
  5. e-beauty

    Bare minerals - skin reactions help?!

    I use bare minerals on my clients, but I can’t use it on my self, my skin reacts to it, I get loads of bumps on areas applied then the bumps peel and then get really dry itcy until it all flakes off takes about 2 weeks for my skin to look normal again. Dose this happen to any one else? Or any of...
  6. e-beauty

    Can anyone do 'dolly effect' eyelashes in West Sussex?

    Hi geeks, i am getting married on the 12th of september, and really want eyelash extentions, but i want a really full dolly look ie really long thick but soft looking! so A} can this be done? and B} is there any one in west sussex that could do this for me? i am based in horsham. would be...
  7. e-beauty

    Campaigning to get justice for Baby P

    Hi Geeks,:hug: i hope Grand Geek dosent mind me posting this in here, but i could really do with support. We are Campaigning to get justice for Baby P & all at Risk Babies & children. There is a peace march taking place on the 13th of December we are meeting at Milbank in London at 11:00 am...
  8. e-beauty

    Commission structures

    Hi geeks Can any one give me advice on a fair and workable commission structure that I can implement into my salon? I won’t be starting my employees on the minimum wage; I am thinking £ 7.50 an hour, so need to come up with a commission structure with this in mind. my salon is also...
  9. e-beauty

    Cost price

    Hi geeks can some one please tell me how much a full set of nails using CND products cost you? i know every one profit is different as we all charge different prices depending on area etc. i am going to employ a tec to do L&P using creative, so just want a general idea of the cost price of...
  10. e-beauty

    Relaxing My Hair - need advise please! long!!

    Hi geeks, I have really curly hair, that I am growing out due to a bad over layered hair cut, she also really thinned my out using a razor:eek:! My hair was also platinum blonde so was in really bad condition! I have since grown my hair out and just had a few highlights. Hair is in best...
  11. e-beauty

    Economical use out of your spatulas?

    For those of you that use hot wax (or Non strip) or in fact even strip! How do you follow the health and safety guide line while getting economical use out of your spatulas? I know that you’re never ment to double dip because of spotting and the contamination that would cause. But I have...
  12. e-beauty

    The International dermal Institute skin classes

    Hi Geeks:) Have any of you been to any skin classes held at the International dermal Institute skin classes? The nearest one to me is in leather head, they are holding a class on Acnce, Allergies and ageing for free on the 30/09/2008 10-1.00pm and also on the same day are hold a advance class...
  13. e-beauty

    Poll Credit crunch

    every time you watch the news or turn on the radio its all doom and gloom just want to know how many of you are feeling the Credit crunch if at all, and it its affecting big salons or just those of you who work mobile or Vice a versa
  14. e-beauty

    Inspiring, educational Books regarding our trade

    After reading on of Sam sweets blogs about the Book E-myth (which I have just ordered) I was wondering if any of you geeks can recommend some books that have helped you become business minded, or have made you approach your business in a different way. Books that have inspired you...
  15. e-beauty

    house of hair

    dose any one work at house of hair in Horsham? want my hair trimmed and the colour sorted out. looking for a good tech as hair was messed up, and i have hair salon phobia at the moment. thanks
  16. e-beauty

    My nails lifting

  17. e-beauty

    my nails lifting

    I had my nails done in L&P, and there beautiful to look at, I am going for my rebalance tomorrow. And my problem/question is that nearly most of them have lifted and because of this the three middle fingers on my right hand look grubby where stuff has got in-between the nail bed and the...
  18. e-beauty

    advice please

    For those of you that live in or around West Sussex, can you recommend a good Advanced electrolysis course and a good IPL and laser course. Have googled but not a lot have come up. London is an option also. Thanks in advance :hug:
  19. e-beauty

    Electrolysis machines

    for those of you that practice Electrolysis and Advance Electrolysis, which machines do you use? thanks inadvance :hug:
  20. e-beauty

    Do we have a Health related degree??

    Geeks, do we as beauty therapists have a "health related degree" if not what is one? is a diploma like a degree? i am asking because i am researching nursing and its one of the questions asked. and even though i am cibtac, SPMU, electrolysis trained i am not sure if it health...