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  1. Crystal colleen

    Hey Geeks it's been a long time

    Hey Geeks how are you all, it's been a long time. I've had a shall we say a **** time lately, lots of things consuming my time and emotions and just haven't had the energy to geek :((((. It seems that the old goat is back hahahaha I'm out of the pit of despair. I've missed you all but just...
  2. Crystal colleen

    How impressive is this

    I popped to the post office today and on a wall on the side I took photos of amazing and it was done by young people in my town.I was blown away and such fun.I bet some little scrote will ruin it.If only other street art could be like this and not a load of crap tagging...
  3. Crystal colleen

    Here's our new little lady :)

    So she is here and here to stay,I said I would post pics so here they are.We took her to the vet today and the vet couldn't tell us what she is mixed with but she's health and no apparent problems.She's under weight because of the last owners but nothing that good food can't sort out :).She's...
  4. Crystal colleen

    Looks like we may have a new addition to our family

    Hi geeks,Well I went round my friends today lives across the road from me and she has the most gorg 12 week old staff x that she's looking for a new home for.My friend rescued her from a family that wasn't great.Really quite sad the family before must have only had her for a couple of weeks if...
  5. Crystal colleen

    Fantastic day today

    Well today's been a great day,I had my first lesson on my journey to get my piolets licence :).I'm so excited.So much to learn and remember but I'm so looking forward to it :).xxx
  6. Crystal colleen

    Exciting stuff

    Woop woop I completed my NVQ level 2 hairdressing Friday just gone :biggrin::biggrin: can't quite believe it xxx
  7. Crystal colleen

    What a rubbish day

    Hey geeks,I've had a not so good day today.As some of you know I work in a cafe and do nails after work and today in the cafe I was boiling eggs took them off the hob and put them on the side and forgot to turn the hob off one of those old fashioned iron rings. About half hour later I put my...
  8. Crystal colleen

    Poorly pup

    Hey geeks my boy Gary (dog),is out of sorts today the poor thing.All he has done is sleep,he's hardly eating he managed a little chicken,he's lethargic and looks so depressed.It's so sad his little eyes all all saggy like upset eyes not wide and alert.I mean bullmastiffs arnt the most happiest...
  9. Crystal colleen

    Had a lovey day and evening

    I've had a lovely day today and evening.:D So I actually got a day off today from the cafe and nails so I had a lay in then slobbed about with my gal and OH.Then took our dog to the vets.We then decided to all drive to where we used to live and went for a walk in the woods which was great,we...
  10. Crystal colleen

    So frustrated

    Hi geeks so I'm now working yayyyyy not doing anything to do with nails or hair but it's full time and I love it. Anyway so now that I'm working I have decided that around christams time maybe sooner if I fined a suitable one to get our Gary a play mate and a new addition to our family...
  11. Crystal colleen

    I need some help, feel awful!

    Hi geeks the last couple of days I got a cough but it's got really bad,I haven't slept for 3 nights through constant coughing.My ribs hurt,headache,throat feels like sand paper. My nose is streaming but that dosnt bother me it's the lack of sleep and constant coughing,It's also making me...
  12. Crystal colleen

    Finally, I've been given a little piece of a bone

    Hi geeks I had a good day yesterday,I had a phone call to arrange a job interview.:) I'm so happy it's on Saturday.I'm very excited because I applied for it a couple of months ago and just thought that they weren't interested and moved on looking for work.Then ta da I get the phone call...
  13. Crystal colleen

    Have any geeks seen The Impossible?

    As the title says geeks,I've just watched it and what a film.I have been in tears,nose is streaming. What an awful thing to happen.I knew how awful it was but watching the film really bought it home to me.That family were amazing xxx
  14. Crystal colleen

    Advice needed on this hair colour please

    Hi geeks I need some advice on this hair colour please.I would like to go this colour in permanent.It's for myself.I've started doing my level 2 again after many years and would like some advice on how to achieve this colour.I'm doing my colour theory and practical at the moment. I am at the...
  15. Crystal colleen

    Muggers, I could throttle them

    My poor 15year old sister went shopping with her friends and one of the friends mothers to westfield shopping centre and my sister got mugged:sad:. They took her new phone and all her money.My sister is the quietist,loveliest,sweetest girl in the world.So well behaved. She's very shook up...
  16. Crystal colleen

    Changed my hair again today

    So geeks I changed my hair colour again.I was Alpine green directions and got rid of it last week and have gone lilac. I do really like it but I'm wondering if at 29 years old I'm a bit to old for these type of colours now.I've always had bright hair but am I getting on now for these...
  17. Crystal colleen

    How cool is this cake?

    My friend is a professional cake maker isn't this cake awesome. She really dosnt see how good she is at making cakes always criticising her cakes no confidence.I've seen her cakes and there amazing really really amazing. Not only do they look great they taste amazing really amazing...
  18. Crystal colleen

    Took my CV for a job and I'm now gutted

    So I took my cv into a salon to give it to them and see if they had any jobs available and was basically told I was to fat and wouldn't fit in to there image. I mean how bloody rude is that I'm like a size 12-14 and have lost 2 stone and why should the size of someone actually matter I mean I...
  19. Crystal colleen

    Few highs and few lows at pro beauty

    So the highs for me were spending the day with chicka,eating a fantastic pizza,hunting for Lynne Baker and finding her so I could take a quick look at her lovely face but she was very busy with customers was nice to see her though in the flesh.Sweet squared was really busy which is great to see...
  20. Crystal colleen

    I did my first dip dye today

    Hi geeks I'm currently studying my NVQ level 2.I did hairdressing when I was 18 but had to leave very near the end so I went back to it at 29 and I'm loving it. I did my friends hair today red dip dye but blended into her colour on the top so there isn't a bunt line and I'm quite happy with...