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    Semi permanent eyebrows not taking?

    My phone doesn't take great close ups so it's hard to see. First tech I was a model for in a comp and second was with experienced tech who trains students. I'm going to wait out the healing to see if the fade is as bad as the first time. I guess I'm just wondering if there is a minority for whom...
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    Semi permanent eyebrows not taking?

    Hi I'm looking for any semi perm techs to help advise! I've had my brows tattooed twice. The first time a month ago with hair stroke technique and second recently more of a shaded finish. I'm still healing over from the second time (under a week ago) and the scabs are starting to flake. My...
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    Environ users-taking on two cosmeceutical brands?

    Sorry perhaps my post wasn't too clear! I'm happy with my current skincare line, just wanting to see what else is available! Always on the look out:biggrin: I'll pm you shortly! Thankyou!
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    Environ users-taking on two cosmeceutical brands?

    Hi all I'm currently using priori which is very popular. The Coffeeberry and Advanced AHA are my best sellers product and facial wise. I'm Interested to hear from environ users, hear about the machine and clients results. Is taking on two cosmeceutical brands going to be a challenge? Last...
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    HD Brows - Advice on training, and clients paying!

    Hi guys! I realise there are plenty of posts on this topic but im looking for someone in a similar situation to myself. Ive had my salon for 8 years, i consider myself to offer very perfected brow tints and shapes for which i charge £13 Im looking at HD because currently no one offers it...
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    The Sun: Fish Pedi Virus Timebomb!

    My opinion has always been the same from the onset about these fish pedicures. I wasnt suprised at all when i saw the front of the sun this morning. The article is also in my salon reception for others to decide what they think of it. Ive always aired the fact that I didnt like the thought of...
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    Popular Artistic Colour Gloss Colours

    Love to see some of the colours in the flesh!
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    Which minx lamp to purchase?

    Hi all, im in two minds about which minx lamp to purchase so for those who have the new black minx lamp, would you recommend it? Has it fitted to your nail desks securely? I bought the medisana lamp and i dont like it! It doesnt have an on or off switch and the bright red light is irritating...
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    Thanks for the rep :) xx

    Thanks for the rep :) xx
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    Comment by 'Nicki-Marie' in media 'Gold lightening Minx'

    Have you cut these to fit? the shape is perfect! love them. I only have the toe minx.
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    Gelish LED lamp

    Shellac cures with uv. (cnd lamp or brisa) Gelish can be cured with led or uv. Geleration can be uv or led cured. It's all a little easier if we follow what we are properly taught and follow manufacturer instruction. eBay is a great place. But I will not use it for professional...
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    Facial and then spray tan?

    I apply minerals immediately after a facial, microderms and even peels. Not many clients want to go back to work or leave with bare skin. The minerals I use are 100% pure. Realistically most clients cannot wait 24 hrs with bare skin if they have work the next day and such. I suppose you can...
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    Organics tan, most popular %

    I have just tried the 14% on myself (porcelain white!) and it's a gorgeous colour! Deep bronze and delicious. I'm yet to try 12% and the rapid tan samples I have. But I was petrified I was going to wake this morning like an umpa lumpa! I think I'll stock 10, 14 and the rapid tan.
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    New salon logo help required!

    Thankyou! Just emailed him :) x
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    New salon logo help required!

    Hi all I currently have a bland logo im not impressed with anymore. The salon needs to move with the times and reflect how the salon is now rather than 5 years ago! Im sure there was a geek among us offering to create logos? Or otherwise can anyone recommend a company that can do it for me...
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    flirties glue - shelf life

    I have the flirties fast setting glue, and cannot remember what the shelf life is. Ive recently dug this out of my kit again, i didnt buy it too long ago. I put it aside because of stinging when clients opened their eyes. But remembered i loved how quick it was! I know its a favourite among...
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    SHELLAC FEDORA.....Has anyone been able to get one!!????

    Slightly off topic but I have a tutti frutti that's sat in my stock cupboard if anyone needs one!
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    Comment by 'Nicki-Marie' in media 'Gelish Tumberline Violet (2 coats). Compressed photo doesn't really do it justice though!'

    Lovely! just the pic i needed to see! Was finding it hard to work out what this colour was like. x
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    Help Please.... Bean bags that cover your eyes in massage..

    Lavender eye pillows are available at ellisons!
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    EYELASH TECS - what can i use instead of micro brushes?

    Nouveau have an amazing tool that I'd highly recommend. I think but don't quote me it's called an lvl tool. I use the micro brushes for applying the sealant but nothing else! Clean it between each use and you are ready to go again. On one end you insert disposable fine combs to seperate and...