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  1. Poshfloss

    Hostpappa Website Templates

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if on Hostpapa website templates if you can change the banner pictures? I know you can on as I already have one site with them, but want to use Hostpapa for a different site, reason it is easy on there to point my pre owned domains at the site. Hostpapa don't...
  2. Poshfloss

    Ultrasound Hair Removal Applisonix

    Hi All, Ultrasound Hair Removal.... Applisonix. Do any of you have any experience of this form of Hair removal? Really would like to hear any views on this. Has anyone had it done? Are you happy with the results? Does it actually work? I was thinking of trying it, but don't know if it sounds too...
  3. Poshfloss

    FREE Websites. Has anyone used this?

    Hi All, I have been searching for Free websites and come across this It seems very good, I did ask a friend who is well into website design etc and he thought it is OK to get started with. It is free, but just for one year. Take a look and report back if you have...
  4. Poshfloss

    The Paypod Mobile Card Machine

    Hi, Has anyone signed up for Paypod? I have looked at the site and it seems the perfect solution to card payments. Ideal to up sell when mobile. Please look at the site and let me know your thoughts, good or bad. I would like a wider view before I sign for / purchase one...
  5. Poshfloss

    Which Colour Swarovski Crystals do you use ?

    Which colour Swarovski Crystals do you use for the Crystal Pedicure? I am torn between Swarovski Clear Crystal and Swarovski Aurora Borealis (which has more colour in it). All advice extremely welcome. Thanks in advance. x x x :hug: x x x
  6. Poshfloss

    CND Colour Launch WOW !!!!!

    Hello to all of you who were in Leeds today. I am totally blown away with the new colour launch. I have treated myself to the Bold Starter kit........But I will be telephoning an order in tomorrow. Hubby said just get it. It is the most amazing polish and the "effects range" change the colours...
  7. Poshfloss

    Where to Buy Pedicure Stool in Black?

    Hi All, I NEED a Pedicure stool, but I want it in black colour, I can only find them in white. I want a very small stool with leg rest for client. Did pedi 1st client this morning, she struggled to put her foot on my knee, so I have ended up with a strained back. Came home Hubby said just buy...
  8. Poshfloss

    Nail Desk Best Place to Buy?

    Hi, I need a new nail desk for salon space I am renting. I have a small one in home salon, will be able to use this for a short time, but need better desk for new salon. Looking for twin tower, with lockable cupboards. Really would like extraction fan, colour doesn't matter. anyone know of...
  9. Poshfloss

    Need New Business Account, who is best?

    Hi All, I need to open a new business account, who is best? Please don't suggest Nat West, had my fill of them. Just closed an account with them, but for a different business. Now I need one for my nails & tanning? Any advice please? Thanks all. Lotsa luv x x :hug: :hug: x x
  10. Poshfloss

    Rental Room for Nails What do you think??

    Hi All, Just been to see a nail room, guy asked £70 per week. It is about 9 x 7 feet, it has a sink in the room and a toilet off the room with another sink. Only down side is, it is the only toilet, so anyone using the sunbeds or other staff working there would need to go through the nail...
  11. Poshfloss

    Salon On Wheels ???

    Hi, Have any of you looked into Hubby thought of this a couple of years ago for me, but I never took it any further, now there is a company advertising in Scratch. Just wondered if any of you owned or leased one of these vehicles. There is an open day next week, but I...
  12. Poshfloss

    Bali Sun This Weeks Trial Tan

    Hi All, Has anyone used Bali Sun? What are your thoughts & experiences with it? Last week I tried White to Brown - Loved it This week I have tried Bali Sun, it was a sample bottle, so I don't know which % strength it was - I would say dark. The smell was fine, showered it off before bedtime...
  13. Poshfloss

    White to brown, what do you think of this product?

    Hi All, Just had hubby spray me this morning 9.30am using sample of White to Brown. I love the guide colour, I think it smells OK....Hubby says it stinks !!! I am showering it off at 4pm, so will be interesting to see what the finished colour will be like. Glad though I am not sleeping in...
  14. Poshfloss

    Flirties Lashes, What do you think of them?

    Hi All, I have a voucher to have Flirties lashes done in my local town for £50 (which is ½ price), inc lash tint and 2 week follow up appointment. I have had Hollywood lashes on before and loved them. These sound good value to me. But would like to hear your views on the product. Thanks all...
  15. Poshfloss

    Easy Soak Nail Bath - Honest Opinions!

    Hi All, I am intrigued with this Easy Soak Nail Bath, really want to buy one. But is it worth it? I hate soaking off acrylics, more so my own. So really it is more for my benefit. What do you that have bought them think of them? Those of you who haven't - why? What do you think of them? Thanks...
  16. Poshfloss

    Lamp for Spray Tan Tent ????

    Hi Geeks, Help, where is the best place to buy a clamp on lamp for my spray tan tent? Just got sorted in my spray tanning room, an out building of my home, but ceiling a bit low, tent just fits in, it has fluoresent light, but blocked by tent. Need to get one asap. Thanks in advance. Lotsa luv x...
  17. Poshfloss

    Yell .com CON Beware

    Hi All, I am up in arms with my bank, started to take variable amounts of money by direct debit from my account. 3 x £284, I contacted them they said it was an unpaid account, No I did not owe them anything and had not recently set up any direct debit with them. They must have still...
  18. Poshfloss

    Oxy Jet Treatment, Manchester or Lancashire

    Hi All, Just back from a 1 week cruise, they had a fab Spa, I treated myself to Oxy Jet facial treatment, the results are amazing...........just love it. Does anyone do this treament in Manchester or Lancashire areas. PM if you like. It has done a brill lifting job, and my neck is fantastic...
  19. Poshfloss

    Prices for Bridal Make up

    Hi All, Just getting some new price lists printed, but want to to Bridal make up on as well. What do you charge for bride? For brides maids? Mums? etc For the Bride I would do a pre trial and keep records of what she is happy with, but don't feel this is necessary for brides maids. I also was...
  20. Poshfloss

    Back of hands with Spray Tan any tips?

    Hi, Does anyone have any tips when spray tanning? I use a barrier cream on palms of hands, but wonder if any of you put a moisturier on backs of hands. I always try to do hands lighter, but have sometimes found those with dry hands the tan takes too dark, especially around the knuckles. Any...