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  1. Scrubadub

    How to remove fungal medicine?

    I would get cotton pads and soak them with acetone and put them on the nail and cover with foil and leave for like 5 mins then try and scrape the stuff off just like removing gel polish really
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    Lash lift, re-using an opened sachet

    I usually don’t have to worry about this as I do loads of them, no more than a couple of days I wouldn’t have thought
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    Microblading advice

  4. Scrubadub

    Microblading advice

    I am looking to have hair stroke microblading as I have super thin eyebrows that don’t grow and have no shape. How does microblading do on pretty oily skin? I also have rosacea but that is my cheeks really not my forehead Picture for reference
  5. Scrubadub

    Lash lift, re-using an opened sachet

    I use the lift tool to make a tiny hole for the product to come out of then use tape to cover it
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    Clients falling asleep?

    So I am currently doing a lash lift on my mum, she doesn’t pay for them and she is asleep. Have you guys had people been so relaxed they have fallen asleep during a treatment?
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    Gellux reviews?

    Usually lasts 3 weeks. Put it on as thin as you can or it’s a nightmare to get off, I don’t cap the edges as was never taught to.
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    Gellux reviews?

    I use it and love it, did you have any specific questions?
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    I got let go

    So pleased to hear it’s worked out for you and you have a great new manager who has taken you under their wing!
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    Client issue

    The mum is probably over exaggerating as well, there’s nothing you can do about it now, you offered to look at it and she said no so just ignore again
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    Help please, cracked gel nail and my own nail

    I would try and cut as much off as you can yourself, it is probably gonna hurt. Then I would tape it down so you can’t catch it as easily, trying to remove it now is gonna to seriously hurt so let it heal as much as you can before removal
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    I once had a girl come in who had spent ages growing her eyebrows out and I waxed one and panicked cause it wasn’t quite the right shape. I made it look right and did the other one the same, they were a bit thinner than she wanted but the shape they had done before was terrible. She came back...
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    How long does it take you for a lash lift and tint?

    I can do it in about 45 mins, prep and getting the lashes on the shield is about 5-10 mins, put on pink solution and leave on for 10 mins, put on blue and leave on for 10 mins, put on tint and leave for 5-10 mins and take it all off. I find having it done not very comfortable so I do it as...
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    Hand cream for retail

    Cnd do small ones, I think they were about £11 but really really nice
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    Do you remember your first client?

    My first client was horrible and complained about what I did even though I did what she asked?! I had to remove gel from another salon which would not budge and she complained the whole time that she was on her lunch break and I was taking too long. After that I refused to remove gel that wasn’t...
  16. Scrubadub

    Lash lift fail, how to fix?

    I do lash lifts regularly, these are over processed and incorrect rob size used. I would advise your friend to find a good therapist in her area to relax them for her and then use lots of nourishing lotion on them, lashes fall out every 2 weeks or so.
  17. Scrubadub

    Micro rings help push up/refit?

    I am not a hairdresser but when choosing where to have them done I went to someone who didn’t do push ups as I was trying to grow my hair so didn’t want it wrecked! :)
  18. Scrubadub

    Is anybody else falling out of love with beauty?

    Oh yeah deffo, there are so many therapists and salons where I live so it’s hard to compete. We are hopefully going to look to move in January and hopefully where we move to won’t have so many people doing beauty and I will look to do more. I do enjoy it :)
  19. Scrubadub

    Is anybody else falling out of love with beauty?

    I do a lot of my friends and a few regulars that followed me when I left the salon, I just don’t try to get new clients :) so still doing some beauty
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    Is anybody else falling out of love with beauty?

    I left my salon job because the pay wasn’t enough and they were constantly trying to make us bring in our own stuff verging into ‘self employed’ I have tried to do work on the side for myself but it just isn’t taking off and I am not that interested in constantly advertising so now I work in a...