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  1. vickybio

    The GelBottle Inc feedback?

    Thanks for your reply. I have since ordered some including the strength gels. I have done a Set of sculptures on myself and so far so good they are very strong!xx
  2. vickybio

    The GelBottle Inc feedback?

    Hi all! Has anyone who has used bio sculpture fries the gel bottle inc? And if so some feedback with regards to strength, and longevity in comparison to bio would be very much appreciates Thanks in advance xx
  3. vickybio

    Brisa Lite vs Bio Sculpture?

    Hi lelaine! I hve recently tried the new secrets soak off gel from nsi. I've currently got a Set of sculptures on tht I did nearly 5 weeks ago with one infill done. It hasn't budged or lifted! I've also been looking into a brand called the gel bottle.. It looks good with an amazing choice of...
  4. vickybio

    Gel Bottle, Inc?

    Hi guys! I have just come across this brand. The colour choices and the price for the size is amazing! I am currently using bio sculpture and I have been for the last 7 years. But recently I am having a few clients come back with lifting md breakages So m looking for mother soak off gel that is...
  5. vickybio

    Crystalac - help!

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you have tried crystal nails gel polish crystalac? And if so l, what are your thoughts on it? How long did it last.. Etc. Thank you in advance lovelies xx
  6. vickybio

    Crystalac 3 step

    Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely Easter! Was just after a few opinions.. I was thinking of introducing a gel polish range and was looking at crystalac 3 step. Do any of you have any experience with this product or reviews? Thank you in advance Xx
  7. vickybio

    Please talk to me about Bio Sculpture

    Hi lucy_lu! Just read your comment, I have also trained with bio sculpture years ago but am considering training with brisa also. I don't suppose you happen to know if the two products are compatable with each other? as I'd like to use brisa/brisa lite smoothing/sculpting as a base and for...
  8. vickybio

    Anyone using Brisa Lite Sculpting gel as overlays for heavy handed clients?

    Hi jigily! Have you tried the Brisa lite yet? If so how have you found it? I am in the same predicament as you. Currently using bio but I'm starting to experience a lot more problems with them, not to mention the cost of the stock now! xoxo
  9. vickybio

    Brisa Lite vs Bio Sculpture?

    hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice and shine some light on this for me! I have been using bio for the last 8 years but just recently I am having more problems with chipping and lifting. also the price to buy the products is getting silly. I've been looking in to...
  10. vickybio

    Acrylic vs gel vs fibreglass?

    Hey :) I use bio sculpture gel and love it. Its looks so Natural, It's not harmful to the natural nail and there are so many different colours and designs to choose from! Not to mention all the different strength gels to suit each clients nail type. Also they have just bought out an LED lamp...
  11. vickybio

    Oily nails?

    And possibly a nail dehydrater?xx
  12. vickybio

    Comment by 'vickybio' in media 'Mini Mouse nail art and Nail Perfect secret pink cover gel'

    Oh I love love love these! So sweet xx
  13. vickybio

    Comment by 'vickybio' in media 'Pink zebra print tips with glitter'

    Thank you Hun :) I used no3 And 130. For the glitter line I mixed a silver glitter with sealer gel and drew it on with a brush xx
  14. vickybio

    Bio Sculpture overlays

    Lol it's ok. Do you just use the scrub fresh in place of dual cleanser? Also can you remove the sticky with it? Adventuregirl: what's the difference between the two? xx
  15. vickybio

    Bio Sculpture overlays

    Yeah I've read a few things about scrub fresh and think ill get some of that to try. Thank you all for your input, I'll have a play around with different layers of different gels :) xx
  16. Pink zebra print tips with glitter

    Pink zebra print tips with glitter

  17. vickybio

    Bio Sculpture overlays

    Thank yoi, ill try a few different gels for the final layer. What order and products do you use for yours?x
  18. vickybio

    Bio Sculpture overlays

    Thanks for your replies :) Yeah I have joined the bio sculpture group, I'll have a look through there, thank you. I am still using the uv lamp and I turn the bulbs as well as replace them. I am currently dual cleansing, do all the cuticle work, lightly remove shine, then dual cleanse and anti...
  19. vickybio

    Hey hun. i hope you dont mind me leaving you a message but i just wondered if you could possibly...

    Hey hun. i hope you dont mind me leaving you a message but i just wondered if you could possibly shine some light on my situation. i am trained in bio and love it and never really had any problems with it. but just recently my regular clients have been coming back to me with lifting and/or...
  20. vickybio

    Bio Sculpture overlays

    Hey ladies :) i have been using bio sculpture for quite a while and never really had any probelms. but just recently a lot of my regular clients have been ringing me with lifting and peeling issues before there infills are due. my lamp lights are changed regularly and i am very thorough with...