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    Hair extensions lab quality tests

    Can anyone advise of somewhere I can send hair to be independently tested? I have a client who is looking for a refund as she claims the hair I’ve supplied was of poor quality and started to Matt after 4 weeks. She had a toner applied as the colour wasn’t a perfect match and when I saw her a...
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    Plastic tipped nano hair extensions

    I am trying to source plastic tipped nano hair for a client but can’t find any supplier I’ve heard of or used before. Can anyone advise who sells these please? Thanks
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    Additional Lengths trade discount

    Hi does anyone know what trade discount you get with additional lengths? Keen to start using their remi cachet.
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    Tape for re-taping hair extensions

    I’m looking for a tape supplier, I ordered adhesive tapes from euphoria which came today and there’s literally 10 strips in a packet for £5. I thought it was 10 packets of 10 strips for that price, I’m absolutely shocked!! Can you advise where you get your tape from that’s string and durable...
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    Euphoria One trade discount

    Can anyone advise me on what the trade discount is please? I’ve tried ordering hair and it appears to be the same price whether I have a trade account or not. I contacted euphoria but they said the discount is on my account but I can’t see any difference when I compared accounts on several...
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    22” Ombré Euphoria One help

    I’m ordering the ombré dark into lighter 22” inch for a customer and wondering if anyone knows how many inches the dark is? Hoping it’s long enough I don’t need to colour the clients hair to match!! Thanks
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    LA Weave help

    I'm not trained in LA weaves but got one fitted today and it feels too tight. I'm trained in micro rings and I know the rings should not be too close to the scalp but these rings are and my heads throbbing. I've had this method once before and don't recall it being this tight or sore but...
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    Going from black to blonde-advice please

    What would you say is the best products to use to lift a client from black to blonde. I've told her it will take some time so I've managed the expectation first and foremost. I've read a lot about blondirae but I'm mobile and have only have 1 other job like this before so it seems like too...
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    Colour advice

    Hey geeks, i've not posted a wee colour question for some time now but looking for advice on how you would go about this. I have a client who has been getting full head bleach foils then tone for about 2 years now, base colour is quite dark prob around a 5 and has warm tones. She also...
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    Ombre on extensions help?

    Right so I've decided I need a new set of extensions in, used to love wearing them but my ex told me they made me look fat and frumpy lol (obviously he's an ex now) I'm a No60 just now but thinking of dip dying the ends a light brown for a wee change. I've never coloured extensions before...
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    Colour advice - possibly Matrix??

    Hey geeks, I'm looking for some advice for my own hair actually and looking for ideas and maybe trying matrix as i've heard some really good feedback on here (esp mr blue lol) I use wella just now on both me and clients but find the blondes really warm. I'm currently a base 8 with a lot of...
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    Colour Help

    I'm looking for some suggestions please. I have a client who has full head bleach and is now looking to tone it down a bit but still wants to stay blonde just hates the white yellow block look!!! She is prob a base 4/5 just now and therefore I was thinking of some fine bleach foils (only on...
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    Hair Extension Tools

    Can anyone recommend good pliers for micro rings and would also like your views on silicone lined rings and copper tubes. I like the silicone rings as I feel the hair is more secure, the down side is they are a bit bulkier and I think they can lose their colour easier. Copper tubes, i've...
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    How do I do this?

    I have a client who has sent me this picture and asked me if I can create this look. She currently has bleached highlights and wella 12.1 through her hair. Firstly I;ve told her that because of the bleach in her hair I think the colour at the bottom would fade too quickly but she said she...
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    Colour Correction Advice - Hair too Ashy

    I put a wella 12.81 on my client tonight and it's practically dark silver/grey help!!! I know i need to put warmth back into it so was thinking a 10.03 but worried it might not be enough and really dont want to get this wrong. Any advice please??
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    Bleach blonde to dark blonde/light brown lowlights

    I have a client tonight who is looking to go from full head bleach blonde to blonde with some low lights. She is a base 6 currently and looking for prob 6 or 7 lowlights. I know I ideally need to pre-pig the hair as I tested the hair with a 7/7:3 (wella) and it barely lifted however I was...
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    Has Anyone Used this Hair Extension Supplier

    I'm looking at new suppliers and have been approached by a company fairtrading uk. Has anyone used them in the past and can give me some feedback on the quality of hair?
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    Good quality pre-bonded curly hair extensions

    Does anyone know a good supplier for pre bonded curly hair extensions. My client has very curly coarse hair and so far to date i've only ever dealt with straight hair!!! I've had great feedback re celebrity elite although its weft but wondered if anyone knows of stick tip hair?? Thanks
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    Colour Advice on bleach highlights and natural ginger hair to a dark blonde!!

    I'm doing a regular clients hair tomorrow who normally goes for bleach foils and a lowlight of 7.1 but only a few. She has a lot of natural ginger colour as she only every gets her t-bar and half head done. She basically now looking for a dark blonde (about an 8 i would say) and I would...
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    Hair Extensions Cutting Course

    Can anyone recommend a good hair extensions cutting course. I am a qualified hairdresser and qualified in hair extensions but I'm not confident with layering extension hair as I was given no training at all from my trainer "because I was a hairdresser and didn't need it" I didn't think much...