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    Nail art workshop/parties

    Hi I have recently finished my home salon (it’s a cabin in the garden) and I am getting prepared to reopen after having a baby. I have an 8 year old who loves practicing nail art on pops. It has made me think about offering nail art workshops for children in the school holidays as just a bit of...
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    Training hand

    Hi does anyone use a really good training hand that they would recommend please? I’m based in the UK x
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    Professional Beauty 2019 questions

    Hey is anyone going this weekend? I haven’t been for a few years so I’m quite excited. I’m going to be looking at a new gel polish brand to run alongside my Shellac (a bit disappointed TGB won’t be there), a skincare range as I’m looking to start facials again and a lash lift brand to train...
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    Log cabin or room in house?

    Hi I’m wondering if you had a choice would you go for a Log Cabin in your garden or a spare room in the house that would be solely used for your business? I have three children and expecting my forth. The youngest is 1.5 and the eldest is nearly 8 so it can be a bit noisy at times however I...
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    Magpie or The Gel Bottle?

    Hi has anyone experience of using both of these products? I’m wondering what is stronger, offers more choice etc? I’m looking for another brand to run alongside my CND Shellac which offers more colour choice and something a bit stronger. I still want to be able to use foils, glitters etc. If...
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    Hi I’m looking to start up my home salon again and I’m thinking of expanding into beauty treatments. At the moment I just would be offering nails like I use to. Please can you tell me how popular facials are? I really do not like waxing so although a profitable treatment I would rather not do...
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    Starting again and need advice

    Hi all I’m looking for some advice and just generally to see if anyone has had to start from the beginning again? Sorry for the long post but here is the back story... I used to have a home nail salon which I worked evening and Saturdays. I was quite busy and it worked well for me around my...