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    Comment by 'laura grant' in media 'DSCN9005'

    thank you xx
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    Comment by 'laura grant' in media 'no tinting needed before lashes'

    hello your welcome i have lots more on face book link at
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    Logo your equipment

    if you can e mail him at he will answer all your questions. if you say laura grant from Ooh~la~lashes sent you then he might do a better deal, well you never know haha xx
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    Logo your equipment

    Hello girls sorry i have been away. ok so it is best to e mail the main man him self and ask him everything you need to be honest he will know excactly what he made for me as they were the only 2 models i had. also the GOLD tweezers are HOT HOT HOT they turn you into a better lasher...
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    Logo your equipment

    yes thes are fantastic for pulling those stickies apart they have a really good grip on them. they logo extreme and novalash and now Ooh~la~lash and could do yours also. x
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    Logo your equipment

  7. laura grant

    Logo your equipment

    wowsa just had my tweezers sent from pakistan with my logo Ooh~la~lashes on them The price with full gold is US$ 3.80 each fob both straight and curved The price for AA straight is US$ 2.90 each fob and 7 A-SA curved is US$ 2.70 each Lyric International...
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    Is there a Queen/King of the eyelash world?

    oh yes me and kerry are married anyway haha i love her xx
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    Magnifying glasses or extra strong readers

    You could try loupe glasses. great for lashes and close up work a lot of dentists use them, they will set you back about £300 The Loupe Store - Vision aids - Magnifiers and Magnifying Glasses good luck
  10. laura grant

    Is there a Queen/King of the eyelash world?

    I am ready to claim this title now please please please let me be your new queen of lashes, its been nearly 4 years of hunching over making ladies look gorgeous i am ready to claim the queen of lashes haahaahha xxxx beautiful crown queen Ooh~la~lashes and my lil lash princesses. dont mean to...
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    Hi, new here. Advice urgently needed - eyelash extensions

    it will be impossible for you to charge anyone before christmas, it will take at least 6-8 weeks of every day practice with a mentor to even get ok and you don't want to give your salon a bad name for doing bad lash extensions. i am sure your salon owner will understand, and if not i think you...
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    New lashes craze!

    it so funny i have this piccy on my web site as a bit of fun
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    Spray Tan & Lashes - can i do this ?

    Do the lashes first, as you will leave a white mark under the eyes otherwise. and also make sure you get the brown glycol off of the lashes with a bit of tissue, as the glycol from the tanning fluid will eat away at the glue and remove the lashes. hope this helps Ooh La Lashes Essex's...
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    Eyelash Extension Technician Essex

    Thank you Claudia, thats really kind of you xxx and thank you for passing on my details xx
  15. laura grant

    you could try kiss from lash base x

    you could try kiss from lash base x
  16. laura grant

    uniform lash swap weird request

    haha strange request but does anyone own a beauty uniform shop that wants lashes for a cool uniform for 5 of us . thats lots of months maybe years worth of lashes. well i thought i would try as i swap cleaning for lashes hair gardening mmm thank you in advance xx:)
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    Comment by 'laura grant' in media 'full set'

    Thank you individual one lash one hair ooh~la~lashes
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    Confiming appointments?

    take a deposit thats working for us now x thanks to my new management
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    Eyelash advice required!!!

    i have a load of piccis on my web site Ooh La Lashes Essex's Premier Eyelash Extension Lounge to look at good luck with it
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    Eyelash advice required!!!

    ooh my fave topic big fat school broom lashes. we love doing them here, most of my customers love this look, long thick, but it only works on a few people , not everyone has 1.not that many lashes or 2 a really perfect lash line and eye shape, try not to piggy back but if you have to use a .1...