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  1. Sploo

    Glue stick help

    Hey geeks so my usual supplier ( additional lengths) is out of their 12mm glue sticks and it looks like prestige don’t even sell them anymore so I need to do an order ASAP and have no idea where to go as I haven’t tested any others. Anyone have any recommendations? A nice glue to mould, stays...
  2. Sploo

    Zala hair extensions

    Hey geeks anyone used this brand before?
  3. Sploo

    Australian extensions

    Hey geeks so I’m staying in Australia with my sis til end Aug and she has a hair client. ( usually she gets her hair from me when I tag on my weekly order) so.. where to get decent hair from in Oz? We are in NSW near Sydney. Any help appreciated ta ! Xx
  4. Sploo

    Nightmare client

    Ok so just left my last client. What a flippin pain in the arse that was [emoji43] she wanted full head 22/24” tips. No problem colour match via photo ( as she is in an area I don’t usually travel to but my husbands fire station is there so two birds etc. ) not ideal but colour match is...
  5. Sploo

    Prohair anyone?

    Hey geeks. One of my clients supplies packaging to prohair and handed me a brochure of theirs. Anyone tried this brand? I remember them from years ago supplying synthetic hair but haven’t heard of anyone who had ever used them. Curious to know if they are any good x
  6. Sploo

    Extensions pliers

    Hey geeks. I’ve got through another 2 pairs of pliers in the last week! I like to clamp them shut real tight obviously but these pliers ( extension pliers) just break! Tried good old b&q but just not as comfortable to use. Any one know of any pliers that work as hard as we do? Thanks!
  7. Sploo

    Avon shampoo for extensions?

    Hey Geeks. I’m doing a client who does Avon so she wants to use her own product for her extensions. As far as Ivan see a lot of the shampoos have oil in can anyone recommend which one is suitable for glue bonds? X
  8. Sploo

    Best crystals for tipping extensions

    Hey geeks. I’m going to buy some of my fave curly hair but am now a convert to mini locks so I’m going to tip them myself as the hair only comes wefted. Any suggestions as to where to but the crystals/granules? Something easy to mold and hard wearing thanks!
  9. Sploo


    Any one tried lady locks hair? Just ordered a sample batch of the Indian and the russian. Haven’t received it yet but curious to know if anyone has any experience with this company x
  10. Sploo

    Extensions turning pink

    Hey geeks I’ve had a client with a few of her ends turning pink. I’ve explained this can happen usually abroad and have told her the general causes, gave her some Malibu c crystals and thought that would sort it. ( she hasn’t been away it’s happened at home in UK) it it still a bit pink and she...
  11. Sploo


    Hi has anyone ( apart from cmsuper) used Glamlox hair and can recommend? I’m looking at their 20” nanos. Ta x
  12. Sploo

    Colour match help, Prestige/Euphoria One

    Hi geeks, can anyone match the prestige ring to the euphoria one colour 8T24 please? I've had 2 lots of their tips and the blond doesn't match the colour ring, it's not bright enough. I would have thought if it was out of stock they would say but instead I've been twice to the same client with...
  13. Sploo

    Sway hair?

    So it seems Tom has parted ways with Lauren at hair rehab and started up on his own. I've had a brochure through the post called Sway hair. Anyone tried them yet?
  14. Sploo

    Weird shaped rings

    Hey geeks , so I did a new client today, removed old rings ( tubes) from previous install by her last tech and install my mini locks. Her old rings were a really weird shape I had a right nightmare getting them out! I haven't come across this before. They were bent in the middle? Almost folded...
  15. Sploo

    Euphoria One tapes

    Has anyone used the tape extensions from euphoria one? Any good or are there better ones out there?
  16. Sploo

    Opatra dermasonic machine

    Hi geeks, I do hair extensions but I have a skin related question I need help with! I bought an Opatra dermasonic machine at a hair trade show a couple of years ago and it's been in a drawer ever since! Are they good? Will I get visible results? I find it confusing with the different coloured...
  17. Sploo

    Colour match help

    Hey does anyone have the prestige and the crown couture colour rings by any chance? I've matched a client to crown couture couture ring but would like to order prestige. I need colours 6 8 and 10 can anyone tell me what's closest in the prestige colours? Xx
  18. Sploo

    Paint coming off micro rings

    Hey geeks, I use the mini locks copper tubes for my rings method, love them but a recent client has all the dark brown paint coming off them so they look shiny in her hair now, I buy mine from euphoria one. Any ideas how to stop this happening or advise where to get some that are more resistant?
  19. Sploo

    Ash ombré extensions

    Hey ladies, a client of mine wants an ashy ombré with light ends, anyone know where I can get this colour from? All my suppliers that do ombres are too warm. Thanks!
  20. Sploo

    Euphoria One Indian?

    Hi there, has anyone used euphoria ones Indian range? I buy their Brazilian and russian/Mongolian and I love it but never tried the Indian, any good?