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  1. stephlkelly

    Lash help

    Hi just wondering if you can do a lash tint followed by cluster lashes on a client? Tia x
  2. stephlkelly

    Help please!

    Thanks Hun I just used my uv lamp in the end :) I'll haveca look at that site then x
  3. stephlkelly

    Help please!

    Hi does anyone know if nsi builder gel is also led cure able? I know it's uv but I've just swapped over to led so if it cures in my led brill x Tia x
  4. stephlkelly

    Spray tan plus pedicure

    I need abit if advice someone who's booked in for a tan and lashes with me next week, she's just messaged she wants to add on a luxury pedicure to that appointment! So how do I go about it? My luxury is mask and foot and leg massage with moisturisers, couldn't do it after the tan because of the...
  5. stephlkelly

    Spray tan help!

    Thanks Hun :)
  6. stephlkelly

    Spray tan help!

    Hi what price difference do you charge for full or half a body spray tan? How much less would you charge for a half body I've never been asked for a half body spray tan before till today and unsure what to charge x Tia x also it seems she wants everything tanned but her boobs and belly and tops...
  7. stephlkelly

    Slimming World-anyone else do it?

    Just going into my third week this week, I lost 6lb my first week and 4lb last week so 10lb in two weeks which I'm chuffed about! Got my half a stone award last week and was slimmer if the week x so excited to see what I lose this week :) I brought loads of recipe books and I'm going to try...
  8. stephlkelly

    Pedicure routine & massage

    Hi sorry jumped in on the thread but I have a shellac pedi tomorrow and she wants luxury with massage which I haven't done in a long while could you send me through your massage routine please? Many thanks x
  9. stephlkelly

    Confused! Gel polish

    How about IBD just gel polish? I use this have around 40 colours, great colour choice, applies lovely curable in either uv or led, great shine and lasts 2+ weeks and removal is quick and easy! I can't fault IBD and so glad I went with it x
  10. stephlkelly

    Nail art acrylic paint

    These were all done using those, it's all I can find out ATM
  11. stephlkelly

    Nail art acrylic paint

    Never thinned mine I always find them ok always dry quick! Yes can use them on anything I'll try find some pics out x.
  12. stephlkelly

    Nail art acrylic paint

    Just paint onto the nail Hun for nail art use your nail art brushes wait to dry and topcoat x
  13. stephlkelly

    Nail art acrylic paint

    Those are the ones I've got and I'm sure I got them from home bargains there fab in my opinion dry quick and don't smudge when you top coat:) bargain I think :)
  14. stephlkelly

    Help! Glitter cluster lashes

  15. stephlkelly

    Help! Glitter cluster lashes

    Does anyone know of anywhere that sells good glitter lashes? (Individual & cluster) I can't seem too find any Tia x
  16. stephlkelly

    Lash lift

    Hi could anyone help me out and recommend somewhere in the midlands to do a lash lift course please x Tia x
  17. stephlkelly


    I wasn't taught to sheild sometimes eyes are ok but sometimes there slightly stuck, but I'll get them to regularly open there eyes xx
  18. stephlkelly

    Crazy Angel tan

    I use crazy angel and love it and so do all my clients say it fades great never seem to get the orange look either 9% and 13% are my most popular
  19. stephlkelly


    When applying cluster lashes what pads do you use to stop the eyes sticking together? When I done my training I wax told they wasn't really necessary but I don't think it's really professional prizing the clients eyes open x Tia x
  20. stephlkelly

    Spray tan solutions?

    I've just moved over to crazy angel I was abit sceptic about changing brands but I must say I absolutely love it, dries so quick and colours are gorgeous all my clients love it and are recommending there friends for it x