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    COVID-19, you’ve closed your business so what to do whilst at home?

    I had a structure when I was at work, and things to focus on. I’ve taken a few days out to rest as I was a bit burnt out tbh. Just before we closed I managed to shoot a little video of a hand massage to share on Facebook. I aimed it at children wanting to treat their Mum and I boosted it for a...
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    Recommendations wanted for a super shiny gel top coat

    I haven’t tried a non wipe, most interesting. Thanks I shall investigate
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    Recommendations wanted for a super shiny gel top coat

    Thanks Bob. Is your top coat compatible with other brands, or do you not recommend it?
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    Recommendations wanted for a super shiny gel top coat

    Hi all, I don’t usually wear gel but I’ve recently treated myself to a super deep red gel mani (Pompei it Forward) by Cuccio. It’s lush, but the top coat isn’t super shiny which is disappointing. I’ve seen clients with partially grown out nails which are still glossy, I’d love to be able to...
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    Heating & electric costs?

    If you look up the spec for your washing machine (or a similar model) online, there will be a figure for electricity consumption per wash. That’s how you compare the energy efficiency of one model against another. Electricity is only a fraction of the total cost though. I calculated the cost...
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    Heating & electric costs?

    I’m not sure I understand your problem calculating laundry costs. Do you not have a feel for how much extra washing loads you do for business use? Every day or couple of days? HMRC are just going to look for what’s reasonable. i use my washing machine for my personal and business laundry. I...
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    Heating & electric costs?

    I worked out my laundry costs really carefully after my last washing machine broke down. Towels are hard on machinery because there's quite a heavy thump inside the machine when a load of wet towels start spinning. I also have a more expensive tumble dryer which has an A++ rating. It's...
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    Lash lift, re-using an opened sachet

    This is Genius! I always snipped a small corner off and taped it up but a tiny hole is a much better idea. I haven’t needed to store an open sachet for weeks because I have quite a high turnover. I’ve used open sachets that are a few days old, but after that I’d rather open a new sachet than...
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    Lash lift, re-using an opened sachet

    Lash base sell a crimper which you can use to reseal your sachets.
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    Henna Brow brand

    There are a lot of brow brands on the market now. I train in Mina Henna. I've been delighted with it and half my business has now switched over to henna. Since I trained (Jan 2018) lots of new brands have been launched in the UK. None of these brands seem to be distributed by a big name...
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    54 - any hope realistically?

    I'm a beauty therapist and I have a 48 year old apprentice. Discrimination by age is illegal and any manager that doesn't know this is not working to the VTCT standard. I'd reframe your experience, you've found bad companies wanting cheap skivvies, lucky you that they didn't offer you an...
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    Starting a beauty therapist journey

    Hi there. I'm afraid that you cannot learn properly without face to face training. I personally feel that these courses are a bit of a con, you're very unlikely to be employable after completely an online course. I wouldn't even offer you an interview I'm afraid. Have a look at your local...
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    Beauty licence for nails only

    I'd suggest embracing it as a point of difference. It will set you apart from your competition and your staff can take pride in working for a business with higher standards. Client records can be managed very simply, they don't have to be stored on computer. You'll get a few huffy clients...
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    Poor you. I have a therapist with fibromyalgia. You don't need to tell your insurance. It's very important to exercise everyday and sleep and eat really healthily with fibromyalgia because it can get you down. It's a condition where your pain receptors in your brain interpret normal...
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    Back support

    You don't need a back support for massage, you need guidance on the correct posture. If you can stand without back pain you can massage without back pain. If your back starts to ache, check your posture, stand up straighter and sink lower. You should hardly move your arms Independantly, your...
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    Utility bills in a hair salon?

    The Oracle, thanks very much . Sounds so obvious when you explain it. My issue is that an awning will be a lot more expensive to install and require listed building consent. Will a blind make much of a difference do you think?
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    Eyebrow tint not covering grey patch

    I put it on all over, but others may disagree.
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    Upper lip hair

    Laser is very good on hair but top lip hair is very stubborn. Everyone has a normal for them amount of hair which is partly to do with your natural hormonal balance. Lip hair is affected by your sex hormones, and these fluctuate throughout your lifetime so this area is trickier to laser...
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    We take card payments over the phone "to secure the booking". If we dont get a card payment when we take a booking we send an email advising that this is a provisional appointment which needs to be confirmed with a deposit. In this email we include our bank account details so they can pay by...
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    Eyebrow tint not covering grey patch

    Yes - I should charge you for this tip! You need to buy Refectocil blonde, follow the directions and apply this first on its own for 2-5 mins depending on how coarse the hairs are. Then remove and apply your tint. The grey will absorb a bit more tint, but it is tricky to cover grey brow hairs...