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  1. *Han*

    polycystic ovaries

    Hiya hun I also have pcos, found this out about 2 years ago now, I have also been told to get on with it but made doc refer me to hospital as been having loads of problems recently. Dont give up hope hun I know w few people who have it and have got kids, If u wanna pm me feel free to hun. xxx
  2. *Han*

    mobile phones

    I have the Samsung e-900 at moment hoping for a new 1 soon, I love the touch scren button things on it but battery life is very very poor on it has actually got worse so think its on its way out!lol xx
  3. *Han*

    Photos of baby!!

    He's gorgeous lilly well donr and congrats!! x
  4. *Han*


    Huge Congrats Hun!! Xx
  5. *Han*

    Congratulations to Shelley

    Congratulations hunni, Glad you and baby are doing well xx
  6. *Han*

    cervical cancer

    I am ashames to say I have been called twice for mine now and still have not managed to pluck up the courage to go, but after this post I will be getting an appointment made. My mum has just recenly had a smear test done after 10 years (bad I know) But she has real problems with hospitals ect...
  7. *Han*

    I'm getting married! - My wedding Website! - Take a look!

    Massive Congrats sweetie am so pleased for u!! Have signed ya guestbook too :) xxxx:hug:xxxx
  8. *Han*

    I think I've turned 14 again!

    OMG!! I am in love with him!! Everyone else thinks he is ugly!! lol Hes looooooovvvvvlllllyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! x
  9. *Han*

    Advice about my cat

    Right to all that have not read my journal, I had 2 give my cat away a few weeks ago as I am having a few problems at mo (wont go into it as its 2 long!) Anyway she came back a few days ago as she was attacking her new owners she has never ever attacked anyone before she really is a lovely...
  10. *Han*

    Happy Birthday *Han*

    Thanx Guys :) xxx
  11. *Han*

    Need advice on new hair style

    Hi guys am off too the hairdressers on saturday and I nee a new style for my hair it is currently in a all same length bob kinda thing with a few layers, have been letting it grow for a few months as hairdresser made a mess of it, so now going to a new 1! lol What i was wondering is what style...
  12. *Han*

    My Mum Died Tonight

    So sorry to hear this hun. My thoughts are with u and your family. We lost my uncle too a similar thing on easter sunday, It was all so quick and sudden. Thinking of u sweetie xxxxxx sending u lots of :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
  13. *Han*

    today is the day I will become a grandma !

    Awwww so cute!! Congrats Grandma!! hehehe!! xxx
  14. *Han*

    Nail Bar in Tesco's?!

    I dont think its a good idea, The tesco where I live are just having an extension built on so I wonder if they will also have a nail bar! Hope not!! lol xxx
  15. *Han*

    Someone order a celebrity?!

    If I was there I would have asked for there autograph! I know why they was in Wrexham though they had prob been 2 that charity football thing at the racecourse! I wanted 2 go but couldnt afford a ticket! lol xx
  16. *Han*

    Strange food combinations...... what's yours?

    My friend will be glad that she is not the only one mad about cheese........she's getting me hooked on it tho is the problem and my a*se is big enough as it is!! Haha! I really dont think i have any weird combinations of food, one thing i used too do was bite a little piece off one end of a...
  17. *Han*

    Personal info on Myspace

    Im the same hun my profile is set too private so only pepole I add can see it! x
  18. *Han*

    take that

    Just watched it now! Lovely song!! And how gorgeous is Gary Barlow?! He's loovvley!! lol xxx
  19. *Han*

    Breast Lump

    Just wanted too send you lots of :hug::hug::hug: xxx