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  1. Passionista

    How much percentage goes for what in the salon

    I want to know how much should I keep for product, rent, etc. I'm self employd so I need to find a system to work under. I want to take a part of each clients money and put it aside. So how should I work out how much goes for what?
  2. Passionista

    Ezflow colour acrylic not drying

    Helloo all I recently started using Ezflow colour acrylic range. But it takes forever to set. What am i doing wrong? Please help.thx. Posted via Mobile Device
  3. Passionista

    Marketing ideas

    I recently moved my beauty salon to a new area and most of my clients followed me. I need marketing that works to get new clients. Obviously im in surrounded with loads of other salons. Any help or ideas? Even ideas for specials. I do gel, acrylic, mani, pedi, waxing, tinting, make-up. So what...