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    Brisa Lite sculpting not staying on the nail!

    I have the brisa lite sculpting gel intro kit as i love the idea of a SOG for nails. My problem is no matter what I do it will NOT stay on anyones nails for more than 3 days. I do pep and all correctly and am wondering if anyone else is having these issues and if you can offer suggestions...
  2. aromatherapy

    Just a rant!

    I'm just soo sick and tired of clients showing up 10-15 minutes late,then breezing through the door without an apology,or the same lame excuse they have everytime they are late... i don't know what to do about it, i try and explain that their service will be cut short,but i will still have to...
  3. aromatherapy

    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    I'm reading everywhere that gelish will now be sold at sallys beauty to the public and just wondering if this is really true and what do you guys think about it as professionals. I think it's appalling and demeaning to us professionals as we took the training for our tech courses,and are TRAINED...