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    Have any of you lovely geeks done an online PTTL's course, any info or recommendations welcome TIA
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    L+ Curl Lash trays

    Hi I'm really struggling to L+ curl lash trays 0.10 in single length trays, do any of you lovely lashers know of any uk suppliers, I've tried dream lashes but she only stocks mixed trays & eyelash emporium don't stock 0.10's 😞 Hope someone can help TIA.
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    New lash glue!

    Fellow lashes I am so excited with the new glue I am using from The Lash and Brow Company..... Instant grab, not a single stickie !! And my returning clients are coming back with over 50% lashes, fantastic for both classic and volume lashes.... I'm a happy bunny :Love: love this glue and cannot...
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    Lip blush tattoo?

    Hi peeps ..... Can anyone tell me about the lip stain tattoo Lucy had on the only way is Essex??? Iv had about 5 clients tx an ask me if I know about it and where they can get this done???? I'm in the SW & W London area 😊 xxx
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    New business name, help!

    Hope u wonderful geeks can help I'm looking for a new business name... When I started I was just doing lashes but now I'm doing waxing an tans also..... My name is Jo Styles Hope someone can help me 😔
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    Mobile Shellac!

    Hi I'm a lash,wax an tan tech and one of my clients Hounslow is looking for someone mobile to come do her shellac manicure ..... If anyone works on this area could you pm me please Many thanks 😊
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    Mobile shellac !!!!

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    Help, need a waxing course

    Hi hope someone can help I'm looking into doing a waxing course and the famous Kim Lawless is booked up until October 😰 can anyone recommend another course in London Many thanks in advance
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    Looking for room to rent

    Hi hope some one can help I'm looking for a treatment room to rent to do lashes an tans. The areas im looking at are kew Barnes Richmond twickenham Whitton Sheen Chiswick and surrounding areas If anyone could help would be greatly appreciated 😊.
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    Alternative to Botox

    Hi Iv been looking into Botox recently and found this cream Natox apparently the natural alternative.... Hav any geeks used this cream??? 😊
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    Natox anyone heard of this?

    Hi Hoping some knowledgeable geeks can help me... Been lookin into gettin Botox and came across this natural alternative Natox, all the reviews seem to take you to the same website which bothers me but it was on sale at Selfridges which surely means it could be ok... But if it was that great...
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    Natox anyone heard of this????

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    EE glues

    hi i wwas just wondering can u get glue samples????? as they are very pricey to buy an then find out they are no good :lol:
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    pleeze help!!!!

    iv just qualified in EE hav spent hrs an hrs trying to think of business names, i finally settled on 1 only to find someone is using the name but in USA so can i use the same name here???? this is all so confusing also if any1 can think of a classy catchy name i would be SOooooo grateful