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  1. *Han*

    Advice about my cat

    Right to all that have not read my journal, I had 2 give my cat away a few weeks ago as I am having a few problems at mo (wont go into it as its 2 long!) Anyway she came back a few days ago as she was attacking her new owners she has never ever attacked anyone before she really is a lovely...
  2. *Han*

    Need advice on new hair style

    Hi guys am off too the hairdressers on saturday and I nee a new style for my hair it is currently in a all same length bob kinda thing with a few layers, have been letting it grow for a few months as hairdresser made a mess of it, so now going to a new 1! lol What i was wondering is what style...
  3. *Han*

    Greasy Hair

    Hi Guys I hope some of you hair geeks can help me out, my hair has always been fine never greasy could leave washing my hair up to 4 days and it still not be greasy:eek: (that makes me sound like a skank!ha!) Anyhoo It has suddenly gone greasy I wash it and the next day or the day after its...
  4. *Han*

    Feel so numb

    I Have just had some really bad news My step dad has just been diagnosed with Acute Leukemia:cry: , They have said if he don't have the treatment he would die within the month or even a few weeks, they also said that its not 100% that they can get rid of it with the chemo. My stomach is turning...
  5. *Han*

    Any one know of any free virus programmes for the computer?

    just as the title says really! lol my comp keeps saying i have a spywear virus, now all stupid adverts(popup) keep on coming up, and is highly annoying and is messing up my laptop!! am really annoyed at this" why do people have to do that!! Any help would be really appreciated!! xxx
  6. *Han*

    Happy Birthday *Marie*

    Happy Birthday Babe hope you have a really nice day hunni :) xxxxx
  7. *Han*

    10 Years Younger

    Did anyone see it! wow what a difference she looked fab!!! xx
  8. *Han*

    Sprout Joke

    Whats the difference between Brussell Sprouts and snot? You cant get young kids to eat sprouts!! ewwwwwwwww!!lol!! xxx:wink2: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. *Han*

    Short ski jump nails

    Hiya guys my step mum wants me 2 do her nails tomorrow, as am still training i am very nervous as she has short 'Ski Jump' nails, as i have only used the nail trainer, my own nails and my mums (we both have good size nail beds) I am just after a bit of advice, i have done a search and found that...
  10. *Han*

    help with avatar

    Hiya guys im having touble changing my avatar that seanny did for me, it keeps saying invalid file!! :rolleyes: :grr: :irked: xxx
  11. *Han*

    X Factor challenge!!!

    This is good fun guys, you can record your songs and people can listen to them if u dont want to do it u can just listen to some other people's!! Whos brave enough then?? lol - The Ultimate Online Karaoke Experience | Home Page. xxxx
  12. *Han*

    Babyliss Sliky Smooth

    Hiya guys was just wondering if any of you have tired the Babyliss Silky Smooth hair buffer? I seen it the other day and wondered if it was any good :) xxxxxxx:hug: xxxxxxx
  13. *Han*

    Watch Jeremy Kyle, ITV 9.30am Friday!!!

    Thats when the screening of the jeremy kyle show i went to is being shown!! If u look out on the right of the audiance im on that side wearing a purple top prob lookin like a beached whale!! lol xxxx
  14. *Han*

    Going to see Andy Abraham tmoz night in Liverpool :)

    :green: :green: Only booked tickets yesterday not bad seats either! my sister went to see him on sat said he was fab..........anyone else been 2 c him?? xxx
  15. *Han*

    Train your cat to use a human toilet!!!! TRAIN CAT TO USE THE TOILET! USING LITTER KWITTER (item 330040881920 end time 29-Oct-06 17:07:08 GMT) :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Wonder if it works??!!! xx
  16. *Han*

    We have decided to get engaged!

    Well says it all in the title really! lol me and my fella have decided 2 get engaged :) im well happy :) This is the ring i have chosen!! :) xxxx
  17. *Han*

    Did these today could u tell me what u think please :)

    Any advice will be appreciated! I know the pics aint very clear! There is also a pic of a set of nails i did a few weeks back on myself to :) thanx guys xx
  18. *Han*

    Online jewellers

    Hi guys do any of u know any online jewlers? I have searched at looked at loads just wondered if any of u have ever used one that is good! thanx xxx
  19. *Han*

    Famous lookalike link!!

    Hi guys found this before thought some of u might wanna take a look some good look a likes some rubbish ones 2 tho!! lol THE BEST CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES IN THE WORLD - UK celebrity lookalike agency xxxx
  20. *Han*

    Swapping internet provider so not much geeking!!

    Hi guys feel like ive lost my right arm, we are swapping from BT to ORANGE and the orange one wont be up and running till friday and bt have already disconnected, so im on the laptop at the mo on dial up,so cant stay on 2 long or b/f will go mad! lol! so not much geeking till friday...