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  1. CateCate

    UV/LED article

    Hi all, I'm looking for the article that explains about wattage/LED/UV Does anyone have a link? Thanks! Xx
  2. CateCate

    Which rainbow chrome

    I use Magpie. Love it :)
  3. CateCate

    This looks interesting!

    ooh lovely! Fingers crossed they launch it here soon. X
  4. CateCate

    This looks interesting!

    Don't suppose you've used it yet have you? :)
  5. CateCate

    This looks interesting!

    :DHope this is released soon, I have quite a few clients who would benefit. Quite excited!
  6. CateCate


    Leah Light uses this in her nail salons. Am I wrong in thinking it's a professional product?
  7. CateCate

    The GelBottle Inc feedback?

    Sorry for late reply!! I just used normal acetone. Quick buff, wrap, 10(ish) mins and off it came x
  8. CateCate

    The GelBottle Inc feedback?

    Removal was absolutely fine for me. Never seen a gel polish as shiny and I've tried most x
  9. CateCate

    The GelBottle Inc feedback?

    I've just ordered some to try out. The colours look fab! X
  10. CateCate

    OPI French pink problem

    After you've cured your pink, dip your brush in isopropyl alcohol to clean up your white instead of acetone. This way it won't break down your pink. Hth x
  11. CateCate

    INK nails

    They did eventually get back to me about the cuticle oil and apologised for the delay x
  12. CateCate

    INK nails

    Please could anyone tell me the cuticle oil ingredients? I have emailed but not had a response yet. Thanks! :)
  13. CateCate

    DD Light Pod cure time for Gelish?

    Hi all! I've tried to contact DD directly about this but had no joy. Just wondered if anyone knew the cure times for Gelish using the Light Pod. I'm assuming it's 45 secs for colour/TOI as per Light Pod instructions but how about base coat? Thanks in advance! Cate :)
  14. CateCate

    Scratch magazine?

    Def from Louella Belle, I got one too.
  15. CateCate

    Dadi Oil

    Loving Dadi' Oil! Converted from SolarOil a few months ago now. Much better results, for me anyway. Love the smell.
  16. CateCate

    Sweet Morning Dew shrinking

    I had this problem with mine. I mixed about 50/50 with TIO and did 3 thin coats. It worked perfectly, 2 weeks and no chips :)
  17. CateCate

    Anybody heard of Crystalac?

    Just to add, I am talking about the One Step :)
  18. CateCate

    Anybody heard of Crystalac?

    I got some out of curiosity and I must say I am fairly impressed. I found you do need two coats however. It lasted 3 weeks on my client with no chips. Doesn't remove quite as easily as Shellac but by no means is difficult to remove. I really like it and will definitely be getting some more...
  19. CateCate

    Help for a nail geek- Igora Vibrance

    Hi all!! Just board hopping over from nail geek! Not sure if anyone can help but does anyone have a picture of Igora Vibrance 6-99? It is a colour my hairdresser has suggested for me but I can't seem to find any pictures/swatches. Thanks! X
  20. CateCate

    Help for a nail geek- Igora Vibrance