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  1. ch-ela

    Hypoallergenic nail products

    IkoniQ are hypoallergenic gels. They have a product called Polytek. Have you been tested for your allergies?
  2. ch-ela

    Sally’s nail training?

    Are you in the UK?
  3. ch-ela

    Blue eyelash tint

    Refectocil have a vibrant blue too. Available at Sally's
  4. ch-ela

    Employing a self employed nail technician

    They would be either employed OR self employed. One or the other. If you want a self employed tech then advertise a nail desk to rent.
  5. ch-ela

    When is it time to get a new lamp?

    I think you are just here to wind people up. Even CND say that their lamp isn't universal. Why would you argue with them?
  6. ch-ela

    When is it time to get a new lamp?

    Brisa is not a hard gel (as someone already mentioned above) LED's don't degrade like the old UV bulbs did CND lamps do NOT cure hard gels. Considering your lack of knowledge, you really shouldn't be recommending anything. I'll recommend to you to read a few of Doug Schoon's books, and Marian...
  7. ch-ela

    When is it time to get a new lamp?

  8. ch-ela

    When is it time to get a new lamp?

    I know exactly what you mean, Trinity. FB is even worse. And too many companies just in it to make a quick buck, shouldering none of the responsibility
  9. ch-ela

    When is it time to get a new lamp?

    LED bulbs don't degrade over time. They will cure fully until they come to the end of their life (ca. 50,000 hours) and with then switch off. Not surprised that nail techs get confused with so much misinformation being spread on SM
  10. ch-ela

    Gel polish brand help

    In my opinion, the best on the market at the moment is Ikon.Iq. It's a company that has been around for a while, complies with all the regulations, has both the client and nail tech health and safety as a priority, which is why they offer a free lamp with the purchase of £180 (exl. vat) worth of...
  11. ch-ela

    When is it time to get a new lamp?

    But the CND lamp is NOT safe as a universal lamp. Shellac is a very different product to most gels on the market, which is why it wont cure most gels. The Sun UV lamp would be a better option. As Trinity mentioned, it has a very narrow curing spectrum, which makes it only ideal for Shellac. Not...
  12. ch-ela

    Becoming a nail technician

    The problem with online courses is that they don't give you the practical experience. It's totally different if you have a tutor that is watching, pointing out things you may need to adjust for example your filing technique. Where are you? I would definitely advise you to do a course with a good...
  13. ch-ela

    Part time beauty therapist required, Gravesend

    Where in the country (world) are you? That might help :)
  14. ch-ela

    Just starting out!

    I think Shauna is a great name, as you say, it's unusual so it will be remembered. I chose to use my first name followed by the initial of my surname (as its foreign sounding and didn't want to stand out for that reason) but it's also a "B" so could be mistaken for beauty. I think if people ask...
  15. ch-ela

    Newly qualified looking for gel polish advice

    Another vote for IkoniQ here. They are full coverage with one coat, which is obviously a massive saving. The products I have used previously need up to 4 coats to get the right depth of colour. Plus they are a company with a complete range of products so as you progress in your career, you can...
  16. ch-ela

    New nail tech, gel polish pricing help

    Pop some figures on here if you need more help. Ask your suppliers for the cost per service, they already have these figures to hand.
  17. ch-ela

    Extreme hair loss/thinning?

    Perhaps that's not the case with everyone. Maybe because she's female, she would need to use it daily. Definitely a question to ask if that's what you are considering.
  18. ch-ela

    Extreme hair loss/thinning?

    Are you buying minoxidil over the counter? Usually the doctors can prescribe a stronger dose. Also, as a male, there is some medication you can take. My daughters body is producing hormones that are suffocating her hair follicles. The minoxidil did help a little, but she was fed up of using it...
  19. ch-ela

    New nail tech, gel polish pricing help

    You need to work out exactly what your costs are. Your cost per service, all sundries, your rent for when you work at home, your travel costs for when you are mobile, your phone costs, equipment, electricity, advertising, training, and how much you would like to earn. Will you be offering...
  20. ch-ela

    Extreme hair loss/thinning?

    There are some treatments for hair loss, in particular for men. My daughter has suffered with it for 12 years now, and has recently decided to shave her head rather than apply a lotion daily. Being female, she doesn't have many options open to her. Good luck, I hope your appointment is successful