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  1. Retired

    Freelance mobile hair stylist wanted

    Freelance mobile makeup artist is looking for a like-minded mobile hair stylist specialising in bridal hair, for possible business collaboration. If you are interested, please contact "Retired" through private messaging.
  2. Retired

    Leaflet drop?

    Can anyone tell me if dropping leaflets under car windscreen wipers in shopping car parks, is illegal? Or, do you have to have permission from the manager of the, say, shopping centre eg Tesco, etc? Thanks.
  3. Retired

    Employment Rules

    Can any hair salon owners help me, please, on behalf of my mobile hairdresser. She left the salon where she had worked for 11 months, about 3 weeks ago, and she has had a letter on Saturday from the salon owner saying he was suing her for breach of contract and that clients have cancelled their...
  4. Retired

    Warning! Bank fraud!

    Hi all, Just thought I would let you know about the perils of on-line banking. Three times this week on-line bank fraud has happened in my family. First, someone got hold of my son's details and tried to take £3.1/2K out of his account. Rushed to the bank. Second, this morning my husband...
  5. Retired

    Certificate ...At Last!!!

    Would just like to share my euphoria! After 6 months of waiting, yes, 6 months :cry: I have finally received from college my VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Nail Services! Wowee! I can now go and buy some of them thar Poppits to try!!!:):):):):)
  6. Retired

    Help from NSI users, please!

    Hi all, Can any NSI user tell me if you can use Glaze n Go over another manufacturer's gell or acrylic, please? :eek: Thankx in advance. :hug:
  7. Retired

    Filbert Nails?

    Well first of all I will bore you with the background! My mother used to tell me when I was young, that I had inherited her nail shape of "Filbert" nails. I used to think she didn't know what she was talking about and dismissed it. Sadly, I lost my mum this year at almost 100 years of age...
  8. Retired

    Infection up the arm!

    Hi everyone, Just come back from the hairdressers where she admired my sculpts (courtesy of Cathie!). :) She then said that her friend had enhancements done professionally but got an infection all the way up her arm and the doc said it had originated in her nails.:irked: I know there are a...
  9. Retired

    Tips with fins?

    Hi, All, As a newbie I have been browsing some of the suppliers named on this site and have come across tips with "fins". Has anyone ever used them? Are they good, or just a gimmick? Be interested to know. :confused: Thanks xx:hug:xx
  10. Retired

    Thai Mani/Ped Users?

    Hi, Everyone, I have noticed that my local Capital store is doing a one day Thai/Belanese Mani/Pedi course. It costs around £105 + VAT. Can anyone tell me if they have trained or use this method and whether it would be worth spending the money to train? Is is that much different to the...
  11. Retired

    Creative Velocity nails / Thai mani & Pedi questions

    Hi, Everyone, I've seen in recent threads that the majority of techs use Creative Velocity nails. As these are clear, what is the advantage over opaque tips, please? Also, sorry to be a pain :cry: but has anyone done a course in Thai manicure and pedicure as I am thinking of doing one-day...
  12. Retired

    Full well area or short? Help, please!

    Hi, everyone, Just out of college and would like to use enhancements with the shortened well area, like you would for clients with a small nail bed. Well, my tutor said that these would not be so strong in the stress area as a full well, but I think it is down to the product and how it is...