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    Products to tame hair while braiding etc

    Heya geeks, I'm looking for an alternative product to work with when I do bridal updos. I currently use Revlon Stylemasters Pure Styler 3, which I spray over hair before braiding and such. It helps with the flyaway, but I'd like to change it up since I hate the smell. I'm currently looking...
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    Young Nails Protein Bond

    Hello geeks, I have a very hard time getting my hands on Young Nails Protein Bond, since I'm from Slovenia and we don't have a distributor here. Do you know any sites that ship to Europe without enormous shipping costs? I tried contacting the distributor in the UK but they won't ship it to me...
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    MoYou London stamping rant

    Hello ladies, I've had some bad stamping experiences in the past, and things took some trial and error, but nothing quite like this! I'm sure all of you head about MoYou London - they're quite popular where I live, and their Instagram feed is full of wonderful designs, that are seemingly...
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    Shellac needing 3 coats

    Hello ladies! I've been doing nails with CND Shellac for the past 3 years. While I find most colors really do need only 2 coats, there are some I absolutely hate to use, because I always have to do 3 coats. These are the colors: Creekside, Salmon Run and Brick Knit. I tried asking for help...