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  1. cazjp69

    Gilded dreams

    Okay Okay wheres all the new colours on S2 thought they would be on line by now :) I need to get my order in and get them colours delivered to I can play rofl
  2. cazjp69

    Bridal make up

    Im looking to do a course in bridal make up any body know of any good training places in or around leeds west yorkshire. Ive had some basic makeup training but wasn't happy with it so if I'm spending again want to make sure its good.
  3. cazjp69

    MAC makeup

    Is it possible to buy MAC trade??? I keep looking and don't seem to be able to find anything :)
  4. cazjp69

    New shellac colours

    I've just seen four more colours are being released next Tuesday. Is this correct??? can I start to get mega excited again lol
  5. cazjp69

    Sweet Shop

    Does anyone know if I go over to the Leeds S2 shop Monday 25th will they have the new Shellac colours and additives on sale or are they waiting till PB has finished and then selling them on the Tuesday. I got a free day off on the Monday and can go over for a spend but not worth it if no...
  6. cazjp69

    Shellac and bad practice

    I've been to see a new client today and had to shake my head in disbelief at what she has been telling me about her last nail tech. When she first made the booking and asked for a file and polish I asked if she wanted normal polish or shellac and she answered very quickly no shellac and her...
  7. cazjp69

    Make-up courses

    I'm looking to do a make-up course (basic and bridal) as I'm getting lots of enquiries at the moment and I just can't find one to fit in with me anywhere. One I have found is with Carlton - has anyone been on this one and do they rate it or can anyone suggest anywhere closer to me that is...
  8. cazjp69

    shellac with foot and hand soaks

    I have got two clients booked in for spa mani and pedicures and shellac afterwards. Will the shellac be okay with the nails after they have had a soak in the water or will the nails need to dry out for a bit before I put the shellac on??
  9. cazjp69

    Brisa Lamps

    Okay got a Brisa lamp to do my Shellac with and it's going to be due a bulb change very nearly bought the new lamp last time I went over to S2 but due to being a bit short on cash I decided to buy some new bulbs instead till I had a bit more spare cash only prob is lost my instructions on how to...
  10. cazjp69

    Dashing Diva

    Just managed to buy this last week when I was over at Creative and pin the daughter down to have a play and I'm loving it now thinking of getting the colours for over xmas. On it's own roughly what is everyone charging for this I was thinking £15 am I too cheap or too expensive????
  11. cazjp69

    Eyelash extension prices

    Can't believe it yesterday my mum asked me how much I charge for eyelash extensions told her I would do her some for £50 she just turned her nose up and said there was somewhere near her who was doing them for £25 and she thinks she will get them done there. How the hell do I compete with that...
  12. cazjp69

    I'm now a Tantrick trainer!!!

    Wooooooooooo Been over with Jen today and I am now a Tantrick Trainer. Sooooooooooo excited about the knowledge I will be passing on. Thanx Jen for a lovely afternoon. :):)
  13. cazjp69

    Split Nail

    I have a client who up to press has just been having manicures. Now she fancys some acrylic nails. :) Problem I have is her little nail splits down the length of the nail and I have to be really careful when filing it. Is it possible to put a tip and acrylic on? :confused: I'm scared of her...
  14. cazjp69

    Pre masters day in Leeds

  15. cazjp69

    Pre masters day in Leeds

    Was anybody there with me today and had a brill time like I did - hot though. Has fired me up now and having a look to see what I can do next. Thanx to Samual and all for an enjoyable day.