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  1. cazjp69

    Does anyone mobile cover Huddersfield?

    What treatments are they after I'm based in Dewsbury not that far away [emoji106]
  2. cazjp69

    Advice needed on lash lift

    I was [emoji12]
  3. cazjp69

    Advice needed on lash lift

    Lash base DONT make products for Flirties.
  4. cazjp69

    Flirties lash glue

    Are you giving it a good shake to begin with?, wiping round the top with a paper wax strip and how you storing your adhesive? Is it stood in either a tub with rice or silicon balls in to absorb any moisture and what's your humidity and temp levels in your room??
  5. cazjp69

    Brow sculpting courses?

    Have a look at you have Kelly Eaton based in Manchester who trained for them [emoji106][emoji106]
  6. cazjp69

    LVL lashes - not lifting enough?

    No with Flirties you just have to have your certificate for lifting to buy from them. If you wish you can do a conversion course with them.
  7. cazjp69

    Eyelash extensions glue

    I use Flirties expert and ultra and love it retention is great
  8. cazjp69

    Lashes Nouveau, Lash Emporium and Lash Perfect

    I beg to differ in that one some branded companies are always updating their training and kit is included in price of training so doesn't cost any extra and with some companies you have continued support off your trainer also I found unbranded training a lot more people on the course where as...
  9. cazjp69

    Lash lift training

    Really you should retrain what you could do is a conversion course. offer them at a special price [emoji106][emoji106]
  10. cazjp69

    North East lash lift

    If u go to they will put you in touch with the relevant trainer [emoji106][emoji106]
  11. cazjp69

    Looking for a rapid tan

    Flirties do an organic rapid solution which is just lush [emoji7]
  12. cazjp69

    Glue for lash lifting?

    You might be better doing a conversion if you only have a perming cert [emoji106][emoji106]
  13. cazjp69

    Glue for lash lifting?

    You can as long as you have a certificate to say you've qualified [emoji106][emoji106]
  14. cazjp69

    Lash tint colour

    I find blue/black is darker than black
  15. cazjp69

    Glue for lash lifting?

    Have a look at their adhesive for the lash curves is fab
  16. cazjp69

    Russian lash training-Wales?

    Have a look at two trainers cover that way [emoji106][emoji106]
  17. cazjp69

    Lashlift then semi permanent mascara?

    Flirties do a semi perm mascara [emoji106]
  18. cazjp69

    Volume lashes/Russian volume lashes 3D etc

    Have a look at they have a volume trainer up that way [emoji106][emoji106]
  19. cazjp69

    Training kit recommendations - lash & brows?

    Have a look at flirties, they have training kits included in their training.
  20. cazjp69

    Intimate course

    Have a look at flirties they do intimate wax training [emoji106][emoji106]