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    Be Careful

    Hi all I wanted to post this thread because if I save just one person from what I have had to go through then it has been worth it. At the end of November I was doing my friends nails. I have converted to another brand and after using it a few times was utterly convinced that is was brill. I...
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    Bigger tips

    Hi I am newly qualified and using gel and l&p but I have got a client. who's thumbs are massive and my largest tip will not fit. Any ideas please? Thanks Heather
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    Warm waxing/paraffin waxing

    Hi I am new to this site and just completed a nail course/manicure/ped etc. We briefly touched on paraffin waxing as an additional treatment for clients but could I use the same heater for warm waxing (hair removal) as for the paraffin wax? Any comments welcome and thanks all for taking the...