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    Red gel polish?

    CND Shellac Wildfire x
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    Babtac £49 p/a for nails only.
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    Salon owners-rental prices?

    I know it can't be very varied but will seeing what salon owners charge for - MUA daily rate - beauty room daily and/or weekly (products not included) - nail desk rent either % or daily, weekly or monthly rate. Products not and includes prices What do you charge?? X
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    The Centre Open Day

    Defiantly worth a visit if you can get along. I popped in yesterday to pick up a few bits and bobs and ended up with a free pack of bulbs for my lamp! They have demos on the new LED lamp and you can pre order for when it is released. Competitions to win a one to one with fee, not to mention cake...
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    Show us your Shellac French

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    NSI budget electric file

    Okay I'm new to the whole efile thing, if the efile has vibrations what's the outcome? Honestly just can't justify spending hundreds of pounds on it, this will be my third (and hopefully final) attempt of mastering l&p!
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Shellac satin pyjamas with retention + extensions
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    NSI budget electric file

    Has anyone got/tried/heard any reviews on there budget nail drill?
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    What nails are you sporting today?

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    IBX before and after

    First treatment of IBX
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    Challenging clients-a little more advice please

    Definitely send her to her GP. Without diagnosing anything it looks like something I seen in Doug Schoons book - something about keratin growing where it shouldn't x
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    Shellac colours-in pictures

    sun bleached, mint convertible, azure wish, lilac longing and cake pop with mop
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    Shellac colours-in pictures

    Blush teddy
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    A couple from last week using some of the new shellac open road collection xx
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    Dehydration vs improper removal

    Hello ladies! Reading a lot on SG and FB groups about white spots on the nail. From what iv read from Doug Schoon it is usually due to improper removal of products - forcing products from the nail and that is what i believe.. BUT When I read comments/replies ALOT of folk will say it's from...
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    Selling gift vouchers online?

    Hello Geeks! Just wondering if anyone sells gift vouchers online, over their website or through a Facebook tab. Do you feel this benefits your business? What system do you use? Any information or opinions would be fab! Thanks
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    CND Master Painter course?

    Ahhh im so jealous. Im waiting for course dates to come on the webpage. I phoned the center the other day but they said they didn't have any dates for it as of yet.
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    How often do you post on Facebook?

    I post pretty much every day or every second day, mostly pictures of nails or new and exciting things such as new colours ect and appointments, if I have had a cancellation or have limited availability left.
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    What is your salon Facebook?
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    How to make this colour with Shellac?

    Hotski with romantique? Will give a Creme finish