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    My recommendation would be Vitamin E oil, as pure as possible, If the scar isn't very big then the best option is to buy some vitamin e capsules and burst them with a clean pin, squeeze out the oil and apply to the scar. I used this method on a scar on my tummy, it was recommended by my...
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    Strange Reaction

    Didn't think about the nail plate hydrator Geeg (sorry about the delay have been away). I will check this out. However, have had some news from the specialist. It appears I have had a rather extreme case of shingles, which would account for the reason I felt so lousy whilst all this was...
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    Thank you for your birthday wishes. Was away all weekend and have only just got back online.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes. Was away all weekend and have only just got back online.
  4. Flitch

    Strange Reaction

    Thanks for that S'nails, will give it a try.
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    Strange Reaction

    I'm not dismissing acetone Geeg. I too think at the very least this makes the problem worse, but on the last two test nails I did the blisters appeared on one before I removed the enhancement - it was that that prompted me to remove the enhancement. Also I removed one by soaking and one by...
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    Strange Reaction

    Thanks Amethyst_Angel for the comments. Yes I think soaking off does make things worse. I soaked off one test nail on Saturday and everything seemed to be ok, but today (Monday) more little blisters have appeared. Will definitely try the moisture pack idea, sounds like heaven, my hands...
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    Strange Reaction

    Don't think it's related to anything household ie washing up liquid, nothing's changed and I always wear gloves. Have tried going without primer and it hasn't made any difference. Think I'm going to wait til I see the specialist for an answer. My guess is that I have developed an allergy...
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    Hi, 'chelle recommended I contact you as I'm having some problems with a possible allergic...

    Hi, 'chelle recommended I contact you as I'm having some problems with a possible allergic reaction to L&P. I wondered if you could tell me how you found out you were allergic and what symptoms you experienced. I would be very grateful for any info. Regards Paula
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    Strange Reaction

    Thanks Geeg for the timing info re allergic reactions. The timing just about fits with the first symptoms I experience, but after removing the test nails, things got worse. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I gently buff off or soak off. Re the patch test, I know its not a...
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    Strange Reaction

    I too was wondering about cuticle oil. I use solar oil have done for years and never had probs before but then never had probs with l&p either. Perhaps I should do a patch test. Re the flowers no, I haven't had any contact recently so think thats unlikely, but thanks for the suggestion...
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    Strange Reaction

    Hi still haven't got to the bottom of whats happening with my hands. Have seek my gp and being referred to a specialist, but I have a further question which I hope someone can answer. If I have developed an allergy to l&p how long after putting on a test nail would I expect to see symptoms...
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    Happy Birthday Bev Rose xxxx

    Hope you have a fab day.
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    Anyone else struggling with Hayfever?

    Another thing that really helped my family (we all suffer & this year I'm worse than ever) is not hanging washing out on the line to dry. I guess the damp washing attracts the pollen which then sticks to it and is then brought in.
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    Strange Reaction

    Of course you're right Doorie I just thought that if I was experiencing a reaction to monomer then this might mean I couldn't wear enhancements any more.
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    Strange Reaction

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will try wearing gloves when I work on clients, but what about doing my own nails? Thanks Geeg for your reply, my first thought was monomer and I guess I panicked a bit but logically I don't see how it can be either. I thought maybe acetone too but my patch...
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    Strange Reaction

    Hi, I would be very grateful for some advice please. I think I may have suffered a monomer overexposure as the reaction seems classic but the timing is very weird. I'll try to explain, I have been experiencing some tingling in the tips of my fingers (under the free edge) for a week or so. (I...
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    Bowen Technique ?

    Hi, I had Bowen for a dislocated elbow last year. It's wonderful, can't praise it highly enough. If you would like some more details of how it works, what the treatment involves etc, pm me.
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    What wedding glitches have you had???

    Opened the box with my wedding cake in it on the morning of the big day and found that a mouse had eaten a big chunk of the bottom tier. We managed to patch it up and asked the caterers not to serve any of the bottom tier, but I was terrrified that when we cut into it front of all our guests, a...
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    What's the easiest way to apply form for sculpting on yourself?

    I do exactly the same as Emmsybabes. I was shown this method by Georgie Smedley when training and it works really well.
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    EZ Flow

    I have recently trained with EzFlow (Georgie Smedley in Enfield). The training was fab, the products are amazing and Georgie is wonderful. Would thoroughly recommend them.