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    Advice please!!!

    Hi there, Could someone give me some good advice for my hair... I've gradually gone from brown to 'blonde' through having my hair highlighted.. It has taken a while because of such a colour change and have had to have it done over quite a period of time to get it to the lighter colour that it...
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    Selling on here?

    Hi there, Havent been on here for ages but im selling a few nail items off and im sure I saw a section on here before where we could do it but now I cant find it! Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! emily x
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    Bank account

    Hi, i just opened an account with the Abbey as they offer free bz banking for life - there are limits on transactions where you will be charged if you exceed them but depending on what your doing and how much you're bringing in at the start its a good place to start with.. :)
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    Repetitive strain!! :-(

    Hi there, I've just beenn diagnosed with repetitive strain in my wrist. I remember a brief conversation about this in training and how it can be an issue for us nail techs. Can anyone tell me how badly this may affect me doing nails? Have u had it before - if so is its something u fully...
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    Acrylics on a 15yr old for school prom?

    hiya, thanks for the replies. I have rung my ins. company and they said i am covered to do them but they say that disclaimers etc arent worth the paper they're written on and that if the girl wanted to make a claim she would have until she is 18 + another 3yrs once she reaches 18.. Im...
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    Hi, soz another question peeps! I did my first open day at a public event and turned one girl away because she had really bad warts surrounding a few of her nails - they weren't small - you literally couldnt see the cuticle area.. Now, i was only painting nails but i knew there was no way i...
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    Acrylics on a 15yr old for school prom?

    Hi there, just wanted your opinions on whether you would apply acrylics on a 15yr old? It would be for a school prom - the mother has left a message for me asking about it for later in the year.. Never been asked to put them on an under 16 yet and i always say no when people have asked in...
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    How do you do a Stock Take?

    hiya, hope you dont mind me asking but do you have to do a stock take if you are doing your accounts and self-assess yourself? This year will be my 2nd self-assess and I didnt do a stock take before.. Never thought I had to - im a mobile nail tech working on my own and havent made a penny...
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    Any Tips for a 'fun day'???

    Aww thanks hun! Those ideas are great! I'll run them by the woman who is organising the event to see if they minded me doing something along those lines! Thanks again to all of you for being soooo helpful! x :hug:
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    Any Tips for a 'fun day'???

    sorry -one more thing! How much do you think I should invoice the council for the treatments? I would be doing a quick file & polish (with / without stickers) or a min hand massage per person.. I was thinking £2-£3 per person to cover products, I'd be using alot of products - cotton wool pads...
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    Any Tips for a 'fun day'???

    hi, thanks for all the replies! The fun day that I'm doing is one for the local council - its free for the public but the council have said I can invoice them to cover the costs of products - I dont want to sound silly - but ive never invoiced anyone before! lol! I have got software with an...
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    Any Tips for a 'fun day'???

    Hiya, I'll be doing my first 'funday' in 2 weeks time and just wondered if anyone has any tips for me?!! It is an open day run by the council and i'll be having a table where I can promote my services while offering a free file & polish for people on the day.. I was thinking of also...
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    What to do with client who keeps cancelling at last minute!?

    Hi there, can anyone offer me some advice? I have a client who is fairly new but she keeps cancelling her appointments at the very last minute! I have turned down work on a couple of occasions for when I have her booked in only for her to then cancel by text message a few hours before.. I...
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    Thanks loubylou! x
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    hi there, I am doing a group booking at a home for people with special needs, im going to do a file & polish with either nail art or a mini hand massage. Was just wondering whether to do full consultation as you would normally (mine asks for outline of medical history, medication, etc), or...
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    What are your Mother's Day promotions?

    Voilet Star - is that £12 total for mum and daughter or £12 each?
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    How to keep up with competition?

    Wow! Siteforsoreyes and Kate! Thank you for your wise words! Both of you have given me a kick up the backside - and opened my eyes to a few things that I couldnt really see before! So thanks! I have got a big booking for a special needs care home this week, it could hopefully be something that...
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    How to keep up with competition?

    Hi, thanks for the replies! I do offer a good variety of treatments, I do manicures, pedicures, 'T.L.C' treatments, Little Miss Princess Parties, Pamper eve's, Acrylic nail enhancements & Nail Art. I often run a 'recommend a friend' scheme and loyalty schemes. I do regular leaflet drops - I...
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    How to keep up with competition?

    Hiya, Don't know if im the only one who has this problem but im finding it sooo hard to get new clients at the mo - in fact even to keep old clients has become difficult! I've recently come back from matenity leave and as a mobile nail tech worknig on my own I am finding that no-one seems...
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    School fetes and wedding fairs?

    ok, thanks hun! I emailed loads of local schools last night so Im keeping my fingers crossed now! Thanks for your help! x