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  1. Emilyx

    YouTube tutorials

    How many of you lovely ladies do tutorials on YouTube? I could watch them all day! I love Design By Design's and The FingerNail Fixer. The ones I love the best are the ones with CND used. Do any of you know any good ones to watch, doesn't have to be CND :) I watched one earlier of girl making...
  2. Emilyx

    Gel powder

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me what gel powder is? Just curious as a salon in my town does it and I've never heard of it before x
  3. Emilyx

    Phone contract question

    Just a quick one guys, got my first contract phone and am worried about what happens if I go over my allowance My bill is £33 a month for 600 mins, unlimited texts and 1gb of data. On my network it costs 30 p for a call so say I used all of my mins and then made a call would my bill be £33.30?
  4. Emilyx

    Acrylic moulds

    Where can i get these from? Are they any good ? X
  5. Emilyx

    Computer virus

    Hey guys, my laptop has a virus (blaster worm) and i don't have a clue what to do about it. Can any of you help? I have thought about ringing someone to come and fix it but i can't help thinking they will see i don't have a clue about computers, chat a load of computer jargon and charge me a...
  6. Emilyx

    Sleep training

    Hey guys! So i am finally going to sleep train my son who is 1. I am nervous! At the minute he sleeps 8 to 8 waking once through the night and i give him a drink of water. A couple of weeks ago he was ill with a virus and then got chicken pox on top of that and i always put him in bed with me...
  7. Emilyx

    Facial training?

    hi guys! i really want to do some facial training and then when eventually i am trained, use eve Taylor. however i know that to be able to do a conversion course with them you need to have more training than a one day course. i would be more than happy to do a course that would run, say over...
  8. Emilyx

    Shrinking Violet - single areas of body?

    Hi girls! i was wondering if you could do single areas of the body with the wrap i.e just the legs, tummy, etc or whether it has to be done on the whole body? thanks x
  9. Emilyx

    Could you make a living just doing Shellac?

    I was just wondering if any of you just do shellac? could you make a decent business out of just doing this?
  10. Emilyx

    CND Complete course - what size bag to take?

    i was just wondering the size of the bag/case i would need for all of my kit for the duration of the course. I know you don't get all of your kit on the same day but i just don't want to be stuck with no way to get home with all of my kit. please help its making me nervous lol x
  11. Emilyx

    Renting a room

    hi everyone was just wondering how you all found a room to rent for your business. did you ring round salons or see a listing etc. i just need some help on where to start as i need to find one. thanks in advance x
  12. Emilyx

    The Postcode Lottery

    does anyone do this? just wondering if its worth doing it or not, its quite expensive £10 for a lottery game x
  13. Emilyx

    Best glitter topcoat?

    which glitter topcoat would you all recommend? i love the Avon ones they're brill but not a professional brand which is what i want so need different ones x
  14. Emilyx

    Nails on tabs/sticks?

    does anyone know what these things are called that have nails on already that you take off when you want to wear them ? or where i can get them from? i am wanting plain ones i can do my own designs on, thanks in advance x...
  15. Emilyx

    Salon uniforms in Eastenders

    anyone know where you can get the purple uniforms with the diamantes on that they wear in eastenders or some that are similar? i love them :-) x
  16. Emilyx

    One very weak nail!

    I've recently been trying to grow my nails and they've been doing pretty well, not had anything on them for a bit either (which i hate)! all of my nails are quite week but one of them, the one on my index finger is very weak!! like paper! can't even scratch my arm without it bending back lol...
  17. Emilyx

    Salon System Thai Range

    Does any one use this for their manis or pedis? Just wondering if its any good, I am interested in it as it seems something different to offer. Do you need to do a training course in Thai for this because I've heard you use different massage techniques, seen one in salons direct x
  18. Emilyx

    Once qualified - what next ?

    I am thinking of booking on the next available CND complete course, i really want to do it! However i am just worried about after i have trained, what do i do?? I wouldn't be able to open a home based salon, which i would love as there is no room. I don't drive so wouldn't be able to be mobile...
  19. Emilyx

    Soap and Glory Sit Tight?

    Has anyone tried this out? I am thinking of getting it as the reviews are good. Sitting on my bum and losing flab sounds perfect to me lol x
  20. Emilyx

    Glitter tattoos on boys

    I am throwing a huge birthday party for my little boys 1st birthday (i know i have gone over the top but i don't care :-)) i am having face painting and was wondering if i should have glitter tattoos done on the kids. I know they will be perfect for the girls but it will mostly be boys and i am...