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  1. waxprincess

    Paying room rent whilst on maternity leave?

    I was charged my full $575 a month while I was off for 3 months before I had my twins. I found someone to takeover my clients and I charged her commission to cover my product and rent.
  2. waxprincess

    What are your rules?

    Thank you for all the replies! Did I mention that I work with my sisters? Now as a big sister I have to have rules for my sisters to follow as well as the other booth renters. It's a little crazy!!
  3. waxprincess

    What are your rules?

    I need to set some boundaries for my booth renters. We work more like a commission salon in the way we all work together and what not. They have asked for rules. I feel like we are all adults and you know the kind of stuff you can do at work. What sort of rules do you have in your salons?
  4. waxprincess

    Help Please. Which gel company should I choose?

    I have used Akzentz for 7 years with great success. I have tried a few over the years but alway go beck to Akzentz.
  5. waxprincess

    Eyelash extension adhesive for sensitive eyes

    It may be that she is irritated from the service, it may not be an allergy at all. Make sure you take plenty of precautions, make sure the eyes are all the way closed, lashes aren't touching the skin... I don't think I would let her tint her own lashes, you can't do that and keep your eyes shut!
  6. waxprincess

    Never thought naming a nail salon would be so hard !!

    I had a heck of a time with mine, but ended up with Transformations Lash Studio & Salon. Transformations popped into my head after hearing a song. You have to watch out for a few things. My Logo designer wanted to punch me because it's so long and won't fit right on anything. Also you have to...
  7. waxprincess

    Eyelash adhesive search.

    I've always been a fan of xtreme lashes. Their new flex fusion adhesive is really great. No fumes and it dies pretty quick. I went from having 25% of the lashes gone down to 3%!
  8. waxprincess

    People that are late!

    I give my clients 12 minutes. That's it. If you show up for your 10:00 appt at 10:13 too bad, too sad you have to reschedule. And the best part is... I'm booked solid for 3 weeks at least!!
  9. waxprincess

    Favorite Shellac colour

    Red Baroness is my fave. I think it would be great if they did the Color & Effect stuff like they did with the polish.
  10. waxprincess

    Checklist for starting a salon

    I am on my way to starting my salon. I just don't want to leave anything out. Could anyone give me a detailed check list of the things I need to do?
  11. waxprincess

    What kind of rights do I have?

    I'm a very trusting person so I didn't get a deposit. But I have learned my lesson and I contacted all my lash clients to get deposits now. I do have it written on my website that there is a cancellation fee if they cancel less than 2 weeks before an appointment. If they cancel the same day they...
  12. waxprincess

    What kind of rights do I have?

    I had a bridal party booked for Xtreme Lashes and they canceled 3 HOURS before they were supposed to come in. They had this appt booked for months. I would like to charge them, at least, a cancellation fee. I would really like to charge them for the full service. Would it be worth the effort to...
  13. waxprincess

    Questions for mobile techs

    I do Lashes and I have had a few people ask if I would travel. What do you mobile peole do? Do you set up a table in their home? I think I could only travel if 2 or 3 people booked, so how would that work?
  14. waxprincess

    Wedding Fayres

    If you go to a bridal show you can find out how to get a booth there. I do one that a local radio station puts on twice a year. The first time I did it was back in Sept. And then I just did it again this past weekend. The one in Sept I didn't get a single client from, this time I had 5 people...
  15. waxprincess

    I'm gearin' up for wedding season...

    You know what else is funny? My husband and his family are from Scotland!! But they moved here over 30 years ago. I printed up leaflets to hand out and I have to make sure to do my follow up. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. My first one didn't bring in any new clients.
  16. waxprincess

    I'm gearin' up for wedding season...

    Really?? It's not a very big town!
  17. waxprincess

    I'm gearin' up for wedding season...

    I am getting ready for the wedding season. I'm am doing a Bridal Show March 1st. For the shows I focus on Xtreme Lashes, I don't advertise my nails anymore, just lashes. What kind of stuff do you do, or send out afterwards? Any help would be great!
  18. waxprincess

    VistaPrint websites? is it viewed on google?

    I have had mine for about 6 months now and I really like it.
  19. waxprincess

    Vista print web sites

    I love my VistaPrint website! My favorite thing is I can see where all the people looking at it are from. So I know that say 10 people from looked at my site. It also tells me where they live. Although I don't know how accurate it is, I have a lot of people from Sunnyville...
  20. waxprincess

    Multi-coloured lash extensions

    Xtreme has great colors! I am wearing Purple right now. They look so fab! I also like the hot pink. I have pic's on my website of some colored lashes. In my collection I have purple, blue, green, hot pink, light pink, red, auburn, gold, and brown. I know there's more colors but those are the...