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  1. CateCate

    UV/LED article

    Hi all, I'm looking for the article that explains about wattage/LED/UV Does anyone have a link? Thanks! Xx
  2. CateCate

    This looks interesting!

    :DHope this is released soon, I have quite a few clients who would benefit. Quite excited!
  3. CateCate

    DD Light Pod cure time for Gelish?

    Hi all! I've tried to contact DD directly about this but had no joy. Just wondered if anyone knew the cure times for Gelish using the Light Pod. I'm assuming it's 45 secs for colour/TOI as per Light Pod instructions but how about base coat? Thanks in advance! Cate :)
  4. CateCate

    Help for a nail geek- Igora Vibrance

    Hi all!! Just board hopping over from nail geek! Not sure if anyone can help but does anyone have a picture of Igora Vibrance 6-99? It is a colour my hairdresser has suggested for me but I can't seem to find any pictures/swatches. Thanks! X
  5. CateCate

    Help for a nail geek- Igora Vibrance

  6. CateCate

    Ruby Ritz/Good Gossip

    Hi all! Does anyone know how similar Gelish 'Good Gossip' and CND Shellac 'Ruby Ritz' are? I have GG already. Thanks! :D
  7. CateCate

    Advice needed, hairdresser has ruined my bag!

    Hi all! I'm usually a lurker on nail forum, hope you don't mind me crashing your board. I wondered if anyone might be able to advise as I'm sure im not the first person it's happened to! Basically, I had my hair dyed a lovely vivid red in Friday and the lovely hairdresser (who is fab!) decided...
  8. CateCate

    Student Insurance Nightmare- Help!

    Hi there, I wonder if someone could give me some advice. This is going to be a bit of a rant so please bare with me. I did my 4 days acrylic foundation training with NSI at the beginning of the year. I have not yet qualified and am currently in practising (or trying to) for the final...
  9. CateCate

    Polarised plug on CND lamp, help!

    Hi all, I've just received my lamp. It was all good to go then disaster! When I came to plug it in, it wouldn't go in the socket. I have removed the plastic cover and tried practically all the sockets and extensions in the house but it just won't go in. Has anyone else had this problem...
  10. CateCate

    My very first set, sculpted P&W's

    I've just finished my very first set of sculpted acrylics. I held my breath most of the way through! Aaaaand breathe, LOL. I know I have an incredibly long way to go and so much to learn but i'm so chuffed they are even remotely passable. I suppose the proof is in the pudding so lets hope they...
  11. CateCate

    Sweet Squared fax number anyone??

    Hello all, I need to fax my certificate through and can't find the bit of paper I wrote the fax number on, duh! Please could anyone tell me what it is? I have access to a fax machine until 7.30pm. Thank you in advance, Cate :D
  12. CateCate

    Can't get hold of anyone at Sweet Squared!

    Hi there. I'm just wondering if anyone can help? I've sent two online contact forms to SS in the last couple of weeks- no reply, rang 4 times- couldn't get through AND tried live chat but it kept saying all operators are busy! I just wanted to know if i'm eligible for an account. I have...
  13. CateCate

    Trouble with NSI Perma Gloss

    Hi there! This is my first post, I hope someone can help. I usually use Glaze n Go but thought i'd give Perma Gloss a try for a change. When I tried to brush it on, it seemed really stringy and wouldn't go on the nail evenly at all despite my best efforts. Do you think I could have a dodgy...