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    Brisa Lite sculpting not staying on the nail!

    pep as follows: cuticle away, file nails to shape, push cuticles back removing all that is adhered to the nail, wash hands/dry. scrubfresh the nail, apply brisa base cure for 10 seconds in my brisa lamp, apply fist coat of sculpture cure for 2 minutes, apply 2nd coat of sculpture perfecting my c...
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    Brisa Lite sculpting not staying on the nail!

    I have the brisa lite sculpting gel intro kit as i love the idea of a SOG for nails. My problem is no matter what I do it will NOT stay on anyones nails for more than 3 days. I do pep and all correctly and am wondering if anyone else is having these issues and if you can offer suggestions...
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    All your technical questions about Brisa Lite removable gel answered here

    I just purchased a kit of the brisa lite sculpting gel, and have been trying it out on some friends before introducing it into the salon. Well this stuff is NOT staying on past 3 days and i cannot figure out what i am doing wrong. i have applied it to 2 ladies one on friday and she lost one sat...
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    Shellac Canada

    Welcome to b.c. :D. There are tons of distributors all around like the other lady said, you will love it in canada.. I have lived in b.c. all my life and the sunshine coast is BEAUTIFUL what a great place to move...
  5. SAM 2067

    SAM 2067

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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    ok I think I opened pandoras box with this one and THAT was not my intention. I only wanted opinions on what you thought about a so called professional line being sold to the public. This was not to be made personal on any aspects,and I feel if this is getting way outta hand and people are being...
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    Just a rant!

    nothing is worse than the mobile phone thing. when im trying to do a full set of nails i can't have you bopping around and answearing your phone!!! I need you to sit still and face me,and the well you only need this hand right now so ill text with the other doesn't work for me either.. i have...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    yup same here in canada, all the sally stores are open to the public,and when i go in there i hear all sorts of questions and all sorts of wrong answears but i just keep my mouth shut. hey if you want to try and tackle something on your own good on you,but in the long run you'll be the one...
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    Just a rant!

    exactly!!!!! the most infuriating part for me is when they just look at me with the deer in the headlight look, like whaaaaattttt:rolleyes: and the other day a client who was late by 10 min had the gall to say to me,well your running late for me,you don't have your stuff set up...
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    Just a rant!

    thanks it just frustrates me... and i do do that, i tell them well im sorry you were late but i cannot run late for my next client so we cannot do the full service today.. but some like i said just don't care and always show up late...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    I'm just concerned because here in canada all i had to do to get a sallys card was fill out a questionnaire with no proof that i was liscensed. so if im liscensed and didn't have to prove it then anybody can get a card and purchase gelish. Maybe they have changed the rules as I got my card over...
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    Just a rant!

    I'm just soo sick and tired of clients showing up 10-15 minutes late,then breezing through the door without an apology,or the same lame excuse they have everytime they are late... i don't know what to do about it, i try and explain that their service will be cut short,but i will still have to...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    I'm reading everywhere that gelish will now be sold at sallys beauty to the public and just wondering if this is really true and what do you guys think about it as professionals. I think it's appalling and demeaning to us professionals as we took the training for our tech courses,and are TRAINED...
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    Pedicure using paraffin

    i use the baggies and ladle approach. i put 2 ladles of wax into the bag then seal the bag and shake it all around the bag,apply to the foot and put the bootie on.. I then leave the client for 15 minutes turn the lights down and let them relax...
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    Confession time....What treatment is your LEAST favourite...!

    Ugh LOATHE facials and makeup... facials are BORING as for me there is no immediate result,and makeup as the person who wants it done always brings me a picture of a celebrity and wants to "look like them" well got news for you honey if you were angelina jolie you wouldn't be in my chair. I can...
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    Comment by 'aromatherapy' in media 'biosculpture sculptured nails'

    Really!!! I still honestly think I can do better lol. I guess we are our own worst critics though.. thank you for your nice comment..
  17. biosculpture sculptured nails

    biosculpture sculptured nails

  18. BEFORE... 5 weeks of growth with bio #63

    BEFORE... 5 weeks of growth with bio #63

  19. AFTER.... soak off and fresh overlay with # 2062

    AFTER.... soak off and fresh overlay with # 2062

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    Bikini Waxing problem

    Take charge.. lol Bend the client any which way is most comfortable for you and the client and don't be afraid to ask the client to hold some of her skin taut 4 hands are better than 2.. just place her hand where you need it to be and show her how to pull the skin tight,and get them to hold...