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    Car decals, rear window, does anyone have these?

    Hi I have just had mine removed! Lol I had mine on my windows and rear window for about 7mths. I got no custom from them just crank calls! I was getting text messages from men and to be honest it was really starting to bug me! I don't mean to put a downer on it because it is a good way...
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    What to do?

    Hi All I'm trying to think up some Christmas Packages or Promotions and I need a little help! I want to offer Spray Tanning in a package but I'm unsure of what to add to it. I mean I cant offer body treatments or tinting before or after as it will effect the tan. Is it possible to add this...
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    Please advice

    PM means Private Message. If you go to members list and the look at Ruth Mills profile you can send a Private Message, Email or post a message on her visitor board. hth
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    Please advice

    If you PM Ruth Mills - she will be able to help. I know Ruth has built websites for a few fellow geeks on here. hth
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    Looking for a good oil free eye make up remover

    Have to second Dermalogica! Love the Soothing Eye Make Up Remover.
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    Hopi ear candle treatment

    Hi I am booked to do a course on Hopi Ear Candling in December. It's a one day course through Carlton Institute. I am doing this course more from a personal interest firstly as my other half suffer with problems that ear candling can help. I am really looking forward to doing it. If you...
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    Just find it annoying!

    Hi Thank you everyone that has replied. I do feel better today, not so stressed!! Lol I would never bad mouth someone, that's just not my nature. Goodluck to anyone who is trying to earn a living - I may not be happy about it, but still! I have to tend to agree with what Persianista...
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    Hi A Fellow Essex Geek!!

    Hi A Fellow Essex Geek!!
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    Thank you!
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    Does anyone know where I can find Nailtiques for trade? Searched the internet but can only find American sites. Thanks
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    Just find it annoying!

    Hi Sorry, but I just need to vent! I'm mobile and charge £20 for a spray tan. Well had a lady phone up and book for Saturday, only to have her phone up and cancel because someone else has advertised mobile spray tanning for £10! I mean I know its a competitive industry and all that but...
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    Insurance question please! =]

    Best thing to do is contact an insurance such as the Guild or Babtac. I believe both companies offer student insurance so that my be something to look into. hth.
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    Recommendations on Spa's?

    Rowhill Grange in Kent is lovely. They have a Utopia Spa there. The website is Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa Hotel in Dartford, Kent | Luxury Spa Hotel near London, UK | 3AA Rosette restaurant and Award Winning Utopia Spa | Alexander Hotels
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    Eyalash training in north west

    Hi Have you looked into Flirties? They have trainers up and down the country. I did my trainining last week - 1 to 1 and I must say I was really impressed! Great training and only a phone call away if I need them. You can take a look at the website for more details Wow Factor SprayTan...
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    Home remedies for tan stained finger?

    Or high industrial paint stripper - if using Colins B&Q Spray!! Forest Green isn't it? :):0
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    Just wanted to say thank you for the rep - I have only just seen it, still learning how things...

    Just wanted to say thank you for the rep - I have only just seen it, still learning how things work! Thanks again x
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    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Thanks - I do wear a mask if I am tanning quite a few, think I shall be wearing a mask for all my tans!
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    Yay!! They look really good don't they! I'm famous!!!

    Yay!! They look really good don't they! I'm famous!!!
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    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Came home tonight and hubby said "You've been spray tanning tonight haven't you?" I said yes how do you know - look in the mirror he said - there was tanning spray under each nostral!! Looked as though I had a Hitler tash! Has this happened to anyone?
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    Mobile Couch ...which one?

    Get the lightest couch possible for mobile!! The couch factory do one that weighs 10kgs. You can search for pasts posts about this, there are lots of opinions and recommendations there. hth