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  1. Tracey Roberts

    spray tan patch and training

    Why is it that we have to do patch tests for clients wanting spray tans, yet when I did my training, with a few others ( as we all had tans on the day) this wasn't offered, that just seems wrong imo :confused: Were any other geeks offered a patch test b4 a tan on their training day ?, will be...
  2. Tracey Roberts

    BT9/BT10 makeup & glitter tattoos and face painting ?

    Hi Geeks, I was wondering as I'm doing a BT9 & BT10 ( makeup) , would this qualify me enough to get insurance to be able to do glitter tattoos or face painting. Thx in advance :hug: x
  3. Tracey Roberts

    A bit of mmm 3d art

    I'm putting a link into my facebook album, so some geeks that may want a giggle can have a peek at my karma sutra art, theres only 3 pics, warning do not log in, if you will be offended. And if this does cause a problem, then a certain geek is going to let me know:hug: to her Login |...
  4. Tracey Roberts

    how do I link my face book to a thread ?

    Hi Geeks, Could someone assist me please, I want to put a link in a thread, linked to my facebook album, so I can show a couple of nails tips, that might be too risky to put on here :) I've searched the how to do things on the site, but can't find anything ? or I'm just to daft to figure it...
  5. Tracey Roberts

    Toe enhancement qualification ??

    Hi Geeks, I'm a tad confused, I've nearly finished my course (nvq2 nail services), we,ve covered L&P, Gels & wraps for our assessments ( different story lol ), I know I can do them on fingers, but would this qualify me to do say, gel on toes?? it might be a daft question lol, but I really dont...
  6. Tracey Roberts

    Empty pots for mixes of acrylic powder

    Right here goes, Thanks to a fellow geek, the one with the swinging tail :lol:, I have loads of empty pots, 2 sizes 7ml and 14ml, mostly 7ml though. would these be of any use to geeks for mixing up different blends ? I think they are a great size, and they are plastic. So if anyone wants...
  7. Tracey Roberts

    HELP... Comic relief nails... ideas ?

    Hi fellow geeks, I've been asked by a friend who is going out to a posh wedding this Friday coming, and she wants some L&P nails with a comic relief design, shes wearing red, does anyone have any ideas for artwork ?? We are both flexible on suggestions,,,,,,any ideas will be gratefully recieved...
  8. Tracey Roberts

    3D Art Brushes, what do you use ?

    Hi Geeks, Could you all that do 3D L&P nail art, tell me what brushes you all use please, as I'd like to have a dabble, I use an exflow 508 for general application, but would like something slightly smaller for the art side :hug:
  9. Tracey Roberts

    Help nvq 2 nail technician students

    I hope some of you fellow students or geeks could shed some light for me, my query is the BT12 Unit, basically what systems are you covering or have covered ? eg wraps, gels, L&P ..... The reason I'm asking is because our tutor is getting us to cover all 3 ? ( I thought the gels and L&P, would...
  10. Tracey Roberts

    Masking tape on daughters ears??? at school

    Hi, I hope I've posted in the right place?? Today I picked my girl up from school, shes only 8, and was horrified to see BIG pieces of masking tape over her ears, I know they have to either cover them up for P.E or take them out, but she wont let anyone touch them, not even me, so the...
  11. Tracey Roberts

    Happy birthday: Mrs r

  12. Tracey Roberts

    HELP: purple nail beds

    Hi experienced geeks, As you can see I'm a student, into my 2nd year, now doing L&P, using ceative retention + and perfect colour powders, I've got my mix ratio sussed, but when I use clear or the pink on my nail beds, they seem to have a purple tinge to them ?? on tips its ok. Ive been playing...
  13. Tracey Roberts

    Integrity gels, has anyone used them

    Hi geeks, could you please help, I was wondering if any of you have used integrity gels ( inm ), as my kit for college has arrived at last, but i was expecting brisa gels, but have integrity gels, I shall ask my tutor why we have these products next week when I see her. Any response about them...
  14. Tracey Roberts

    TPTW: spray tans for children?

    Hi geeks, I did my spray tanning training on monday,anyway whilst on training, the discussion about spray tanning children came up. I can understand kids around the age of 14-16 wanting it done,and can cope with the idea of it. But what about the parents who wish for their 4/5 yr olds to be...
  15. Tracey Roberts

    purchase of nvq2 certificates???

    HI geeks, Im on a nvq2 nail services course,will finish july 09,well when we had our last week,couple of weeks ago,as weve passed mani,pedi and nail art,so far,got it all marked off etc, I asked my tutor about the certificates and Im sure she said that we will have to pay for them?? does anyone...
  16. Tracey Roberts

    block driving lessons course

    Hi, has anyone had a block of driving lessons? that you do it all, in say a week?? my bloke wants me to do a course to get me passed. IF so how did you get on?? pass or fail ?? I really need to drive before I qualify in nails and become mobile :confused: do they include the theory or is that...