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    Landlord banning a client

    My landlord and the hairdresser have fallen out with a client of mine. It has nothing to do with the salon, it’s over my clients son renting the flat above the salon. The hairdresser was a friend of my client for 40 years, but because of a problem with the the flat, they have all fallen out...
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    Who do I check with about fair rent?

    im currently renting a beauty room and a desk space within a Hair & beauty salon. It is just myself and the Hairdresser there. The landlord has just informed me that the Hairdresser isn’t happy that I pay less rent than her. This is because she uses more gas, water and electric than I do. She is...
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    Accreditation and certificates

    I was thinking of using Professional Beauty for accreditation. Just got to find out about my teaching certificate. Was told some time ago it’s acceptable. But things have changed and now not sure. It’s a City & Guilds Teaching stage one certificate. Would this be equivalent to either PTTLS or...
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    Wanting accreditation for teaching nail courses. Who would you recommend?

    which body would you recommend for accreditation? I’m going wanting to teach acrylic and gel extensions and gel polish as a course. I can’t decide who to use. Any recommendations?
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    PPL licence (music in salon)

    We only listen to the radio in the salon. Would I need a PRS licence as well as a PPL licence?
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    Pure Nails halo gel polish

    Has anyone used this polish before? What do you think of it?
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    Wanted: nail desk space & beauty room to rent Greater Manchester

    looking for the above in the Manchester area. Preferably near Urmston as I have a client base there. But if the right place comes up I will go further. I have a car and am willing to travel.
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    Which gel polish for foil art?

    I have been using Gelish for a number of years now, but want to put foils on for art. The type you press onto a sticky layer then top coat it. Unfortunately you can't do it with Gelish. You can with shellac, but I dont really want to change my whole system. Is there a top coat or something I...
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    Experienced nail technician required, Didsbury

    The Naildresser in Didsbury, Manchester are currently on the hunt for a professional Nail Stylist. Are you creative, friendly, reliable, honest, flexible and passionate about your craft? Can you create sculptured acrylic extensions and have 2 years experience? If so The Naildresser needs you...
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    How are you getting on with Lola Brows?

    Just wondering how you are all getting on with this service. Mine don't appear to be lasting very long! Doing all the right amount of drops etc, not sure if it's me or the client. Not done very many yet though.
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    How to remove black lash glue from tunic

    Does anybody know how to remove black lash glue from a tunic? I've tried vanish soap and it's not budging. It had to be one of my decent tunics as well didn't it! Annoying.
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    just recently returned to Salongeek. Do we not have a recruitment section anymore? If so where do I find it please.
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    Anybody recruiting in Spain?

    Me and my husband would so dearly love to move back to Spain. I am a fully qualified Nail Technician/Beautician. I do sculptured acrylics, gel polish, manicures, pedicures, lashes, brows, waxing etc etc. If anyone is recruiting, that would be great or I would also be happy to be self employed too.
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    Gelish bottles

    Just a quick one. I'm stuck with my desk in the window area of the salon I'm in. My gelish is on shelves next to me so sometimes the sun is on them. I've put stickers over the littles window holes on the bottles and even turned them around so that the holes are to the wall. I've got ring pops on...
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    Gelish 6G led lamp problem

    Hi, I've had my above lamp for 6 months now, it's been working brilliantly until today. My client put her hand in and it just kept flashing instead of staying on. I've tried resetting it to work without using the sensors, but no joy. It now isn't working at all. Has anyone else had this...
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    Funny video. Hope the link works
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    Gelish peachy colour

    I would like a natural/peachy colour to add to my collection. Any thoughts geeks? A bit like the colour that The Nail Boss uses a lot. (For those who follow him).
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    Gold and silver in Gelish

    I would like a gold and a silver colour in Gelish. Any ideas anyone? I have Twinkle but want something which covers a little better.
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    Legislating the industry

    I've just had a phone call, sounded like they said Council, saying they are looking to legislate the hair and beauty industry. Asked a few questions of what I do and then said they would call back on Tuesday. Has anyone else had this, is it a scam? Said his name is Paul and calls are recorded...
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    Beginner in waxing legs and bikini line

    I trained a while ago in waxing. I've been doing eyebrows, up lip etc for ages but I've only done a few half leg waxes. My ladies are mainly mid to old age groups so don't get many asking for leg waxes. On Saturday i did my first full leg and bikini line. It took me an hour and 20 mins to...