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  1. Tracey Roberts

    We seem to be suffering from a recent outbreak of text speak....

    I really hate text speak, confuses me, although I only try to use the abbreviations that are used on here, and thats only a couple, I thinks its mainly the younger generation that use text speak, and it shows in their english skills, when they do try to write and spell something normally :)
  2. Tracey Roberts

    Are nail comps fixed?

    Well Ive just had a look on the facebook group, and it does seem so unfair to those who never had as long to do their entries, compared to the pre warned peeps, imo if those that had the pre warning, either shouldn't be allowed to enter the comp/entries, or just (an inconvienience I know, sp )...
  3. Tracey Roberts

    Would you take their money and just do it???

    They think they are right, but we spray tanners know different :lol:, I have to agree with you, I would advise against anything that looks bad on them or for your buisness, but if push came to shove and they were insistant about it, then I would give them the dreaded oompa loompa look they...
  4. Tracey Roberts

    How do YOU clean your tan tent?

    weather permitting, I will use liquid soap and warm water to clean my tent then dry naturally, if the weather is rubbish, then I normally sponge it down after a days use and dry it with a towel :)
  5. Tracey Roberts

    Hiya DAve alls great with me thx, hope your ok? still in Manchester ? oh ye I'm married too now xx

    Hiya DAve alls great with me thx, hope your ok? still in Manchester ? oh ye I'm married too now xx
  6. Tracey Roberts


    I love skins too, it was awful wasn't it ? I hope he's not dead, but it didn't look promising with the blood splatters, I'm sure Cooky will find him, but that shrink ? I think he needs to be sectioned !, and I'm wondering if Effies knows ? Cant wait till next week myself :)
  7. Tracey Roberts

    Hi, just wanted to say I love the nail room pics, it looks lovely and fab colours :)

    Hi, just wanted to say I love the nail room pics, it looks lovely and fab colours :)
  8. Tracey Roberts

    Prof. Beauty Nail Comp 2010

    congratulations everyone, you are all so talented :hug: x
  9. Tracey Roberts

    Ruby pipe

    gorgeous nails, what nail forms are they ? they seem quite long
  10. Tracey Roberts

    Sienna x and veet ???

    I can say from personal experience, yes it will strip the tan :)
  11. Tracey Roberts

    Comment by 'Tracey Roberts' in media 'bolly1'

    stunning, such lovely work :)
  12. Tracey Roberts

    Green nails please help

    Hi ENVY, I understand what you are sayin and fully agree with you, but in my college also, we were also told, that we are not allowed to diagnose and must refer to the doctor ! , me ? personally, feel its ok to tell a patient what you think the problem may be, not that I've come across any yet...
  13. Tracey Roberts

    So angry!...

    Glam nails, Ive been following this post, and all I can say is OMG ??:lol:, some people are just on another planet ! she probably knew all along you were neighbours too, but as one of the others said, I would be so tempted to put a comment on her status or wall, in a very nice way though lol...
  14. Tracey Roberts

    Bubble nails

    I would say the bubbles are definately handpainted, shes used a glittery base (gel or l&p ) then either painted straight onto that layer, starting with circles of grey, and outlining in white, while putting the highlights of the buubles in right place, to give the desired effect, very simple...
  15. Tracey Roberts

    Comment by 'Tracey Roberts' in media 'Nfu.Oh acrylic inspired by E.Shanskaya.'

    beautiful work as always, I wish you could do my wedding nails, but I live too far away :)
  16. Tracey Roberts

    Thx Ruth, that made me log in lol xx

    Thx Ruth, that made me log in lol xx
  17. Tracey Roberts

    acrylic powder and the liquid..changing colour problem?

    By reading your post, it sounds like you have had no training ? this would be the first step, to learn :)
  18. Tracey Roberts

    Advice for very tangled and knotty hair

    Hi Annie, My daughter has excessivly knotty hair, she only has to move :lol: so I use an empty spray bottle with warm water and some conditioner in it, before brushing, it works wonders on her her, I was reccomended this by a friend, whos daughter has hair like an afro, hth x