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    Crazy colours

    Hiya wonder if any of you can help me ive got dip dye extensions in and i need a new set in now ive seen a style i want but instead of just the one colour on the end its 2 (pink and purple) cant find anyone that will do them for me only can find suppliers that will do one colour dip dye...
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    20'' u tip #1

    Hiya does anyone know where I can get 20'' U tip in black from pref 1g or 0.8 need 100 strands by Thursday the supplier I normally use hasn't got them. Ive charged the customer £65 for it as that's what I would pay thereabout. Thanks in advance
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    Micro ring weft

    Hiya im trained in micro rings and fusion but want to do my training in micro ring wefts anyone know where i can do this ? and not have to learn it as a whole with micro rings and fusion bonds? x
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    Bond removal

    Hiya can someone pls help ive had a last minute booking for tomorrow to remove fusion bonds now i normally buy my remover off my suppliers online but dont think it will be here in time tomorrow. Am I right its just pure acetone? would the acetone from capital warehouse be ok to use? As im...
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    Micro ring pliers

    could someone give me a link please or tell me where to get some pliers for micro rings the longer ones i need to help me clamp harder ive had a couple of clients with rings coming out sooner than i thought but others have been fine x
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    Cloud 9 straighteners

    my ghds are on the way out and to be honest these ones ive not be impressed with so ive just ordered me some cloud 9... seen a few good comments about them so i hope they are good :D xx
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    Help, has anyone got a SJK and Planet Hair colour ring?

    ive just matched a clients hair planet hair number 4 but she wants 22 inch and wants it asap so i havnt got time to order a colour ring from sjk can anyone tell me if sjk number 4 is the same ? x
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    Halo extensions

    hiya has anyone every used them? whats the hair like ?
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    Clip in extensions

    hiya does anyone know clip in hair extension suppliers, ive had a lot of interest in people wanting to buy them
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    Layered extensions

    Ok on my course they told me if a client has layered hair then i could buy packs of different lengths... has anyone done this my best friend is going to be a guinie pig and let me try as she has hair past her shoulders but wants it 18" but if i used a few packs of different lengths would the...
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    Extensions aftercare

    Hiya everyone Could someone point me in the right direction im looking for the best priced aftercare products for extensions. If i can get some at the right price i want to give my clients a little starter kit wheni have done the fitting.. Thanks in advance Laura xx
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    Hair extensions

    hiya all i done my course in hair extensions last week (micro ring and fusion bonds) just a couple questions.... i have someone wanting extensions for thickness not length would u just do half a head for this? and does anyone know any decent places where i can get dip dye from? thanks...