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  1. Shiv9mbs

    Sparkling nails-false view for clients?

    So I'd love you guys opinions on apps that add sparkling to videos of glittery nails? Yay or nay? Personally I think it gives clients a false idea... although I'd hope they'd know that someone has added an effect.
  2. Shiv9mbs

    Can anyone recommend a dermaplaning course in Scotland?

    Preferably nearer Glasgow as am on the west coast
  3. Shiv9mbs

    Primark stick on nails

    So I'm about to vent about something I keep seeing on a Facebook group. I've actually left the group as I got so annoyed lol! Everyone's banging on about these primark glue on nails that last for weeks. A so called nail tech put up she had put them on as she couldn't be bothered doing her own...
  4. Shiv9mbs

    Would you have worked on these nails?

    This is another ladies work that came up on my Facebook feed this morning. Can I ask you if you would've put an extension and gel on this nail?
  5. Shiv9mbs

    How do I reply to this client?

    I have never ever in my 4 years being open had a complaint from someone. this client messaged me last week complaining 4 of her gelish nails had lifted 4 days after 4 days of me doing them. I will paste my reply and her subsequent reply here. Can you advise how you would proceed or word my...
  6. Shiv9mbs

    Spa Wars TV program?

    Anyone else watch the first episode? I'm shouting at the tv already haha!!!
  7. Shiv9mbs

    Gelish not lasting past 4 days

    First time doing Gelish on this client.... What did you do when the client said they didn't last past 4 days? I have a client who is saying 3 started to lift after 4 days and a few others starting to go the same. She wants them redone or a refund? I don't want to do either tbh as it could've...
  8. Shiv9mbs

    Bellamianta tan?

    Anyone use this?
  9. Shiv9mbs

    First mobile massage treatment!

    Hi guys, I have my first mobile massage treatment tomorrow.... any tips for me? I've been qualified in massage 15 years but decided to earn a wee bit extra. Any advise would be great xx
  10. Shiv9mbs

    Salon therapist going mobile-help!

    Hi everyone, I need your help. I run my own salon (just me in it) but have had lots of requests from potential clients near where I live (about 15 miles away from salon) and am thinking about it. I work Tuesdays to Saturdays so could do evenings and Mondays. I've always shied away from mobile as...
  11. Shiv9mbs

    Anyone else fuming after seeing this? Totally uneducated and scare mongering!!! [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]
  12. Shiv9mbs

    Crazy Angel self tan oil

    I'm thinking of retailing this... Can anyone recommend it? Is it more of a tanning optimiser? What kind of colour does it give? Thanks all! Xxx
  13. Shiv9mbs

    Help, which make up range to stock now?

    So after NYX stopped doing their pro discount I've decided to change products. I'm starting to run low on everything so need to make a decision asap.... I'm thinking of Make up forever or bobbi brown? Any other recommendations? Thanks xxx
  14. Shiv9mbs

    Rosacea help!

    So this is one of my clients. I think it's acne rosacea but does anyone else have any other ideas? Her skin has been like this for over a year now. She wakes up with small whiteheads on the cheeks and has been guilty of squeezing them. I am ready to recommend her to a dermatologist as after...
  15. Shiv9mbs

    Oil free eye make up for use with semi perm lashes

    Hi everyone, I love getting my semi permanent lashes done (in a different salon as I don't offer them yet) but the therapist has said lately my lashes aren't lasting as long as she thinks my eyeliner is coming in contact and making them 'crumbly'. I also apply mascara on my lower lashes and that...
  16. Shiv9mbs

    App or program for poster design?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know what program or app is used for this type of poster? Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek app
  17. Shiv9mbs

    Serving alcohol in salon

    So I'm thinking of doing a Saturday afternoon of 'martinis and manicures' but I'm unsure of whether a license is needed etc Has anyone done anything else similar and can give me any advice? I'm in Scotland by the way so not sure if licensing laws are different? Thanks in advance everyone x...
  18. Shiv9mbs

    What is this? Help please

    Hey all, So I'm doing a pedicure and just as I'm sanitising the feet and looking for contraindications I came across at the base of the clients feet. I obviously had gloves on and recommended client to get a doctor to have a look. It's a series of small bumps around a larger area. I thought it...
  19. Shiv9mbs

    Recruiting staff-qualifications question

    Hi everyone, So I am finally in a place to hire another part time therapist to work along side me in a 2 room beauty business. I'm completely stuck on the wording for an advert and also as I am Irish living in Scotland only a few years I am unfamiliar with nvq level qualifications.... I have...
  20. Shiv9mbs

    First year in business birthday ideas

    Hi everyone, I'm coming up to a year in business and I'd love to run some sort of competition or something different. Any ideas would be very much appreciated Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek app