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    Partner walked out on me and kids - want to develop my career

    Hi Guys, Last week my partner of nine years deceided to walk out on me and our two kids (2 and 5 years).:eek: This came out of the blue and I don't think he is coming back and to be honest I don't think I want him back! At the moment I work about 16 hours as a mobile therapist around the...
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    Going to check out a room today - Advice please.

    Hi Guys, I have finally found a room (infact two) available within an established hairdressers. The previous therapist had to leave due to a change in her circumstances and hair clients have been enquiring about treatments ever since - so looks pretty promising. I have spent the week checking...
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    Home Salon in a Conservatory

    Due to the pinch of the housing crisis and credit crunch, I have had to put off my plan to move to a larger house and install a garden studio to work from :cry:, therefore we have come up with the only possible alternative which is to get a small conservatory built on the back of the house...
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    Facial steroid swelling - facial required

    I have got a client that has booked in with me for a eyebrow shape and basic facial. She has swelling on her face as she is taking steroids for rhuematoid arthritis (sp). I have told the client that I will tweeze the brows in order to err on the side of caution incase there is any thinning...
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    How do I price new facial range?

    I have just ordered a range of products from BeautyLab, but do not know how I go about pricing the facials. The company said that they haven't got a RRP range for them. Because it is such a new product range there isn't any local competition to compare against. The facial would consist of...
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    Waxing Diabetics

    Had a client booked in for waxing last night, but when she had filled in consultation form she stated that she was diabetic, so i siad I would need a doctors note. (she has had waxing done loads of times before and no-one has ever queried the diabetes). When i looked at my text book when I...
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    Are any geeks using BeautyLab

    Have had the rep from BeautyLab out to me this week. Have any geeks been using these products on thier clients. I really liked the products and the ethos of the company but would like to know directly from other therapists if the facials are nice to perform and well received by clients. Are...
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    Yey Have just done a decent french manicure on my boyfriend!

    I have just painted a decent french manicure/pedicure on my boyfriend several times (I have promised not to tell his friends). Just had to share my delight. I qualified over two years ago as a therapist, after completing a 2 year full time Btec Diploma. However since that time I have used...
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    Neals Yard Facials

    Has anyone been on this post-grad 2 day course and offer it to their clients? Would appreciate any comments on the products/training/client's opinions of the facial. Thank you.
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    Indian Head Massage Oils

    Can anyone recommend a good supplier for Indian Head Massage oils? Thanks.
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    Perron Rigot Jasmine Oil on pregnant women - URGENT

    Is it okay to use the oil on ladies when pregnant, have spoken to a Thalgo rep and she says she is 99.99% sure it is okay, I have looked at ingredient listing and I think it is just Jasmine scented and does not contain jasmine essential oil. Thanks. p.s. got client booked in tonight who is...
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    Do any other geeks have Laser Hair Removal

    The title says it all, I think, just wondered as I have been doing this for about 9 months so far and am really impressed with the results...
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    Talc when waxing

    Hey guys and girls, Could anyone tell me how much talc to use when waxing legs and bikini as I have a client booked in tonight who is pregnant and I don't want to use my Jasmine Oil (which arrived today - horray) (I dont have any other oil to hand at present). I used talc a few times at...
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    Jasmine Oil from Thalgo - help please geeks

    Hi guys, I have today ordered some Jasmine Oil from Thalgo, as it is so highly recommended from everyone on here but I have never used oil with my waxing and wanted to try it on a new client tomorrow. I have a few questions: 1 - Is it safe to use on women who are pregnant? 2 - Is it...
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    Removing a bit of left over gel

    Hi guys, I have not trained in Gel Nails at all, and am currently working with just natural nails. I have just had a new client book in for a pedicure next week and she has told me that she has got a little bit of gel left on her big toe - What is the correct way to remove this and how long...
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    Anyone use same compressor for nails and tanning?

    Hi Guys, I have just purchased an ab/as/18 airbrush from everything, so that I can do fancy french designs on natural nails on some of my clients and myself. The really helpful guy at that company also assures me that I can use the compressor for doing spray tans as well...
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    Air brush kit for doing french tips?

    Hi guys, I do really part time beauty (now mobile) and have been qualified for about about two years. However I still cant get used to doing french tips on my manicures/pedicures. Have had loads of practice, one to one coaching from the girls at one of my old salons and have read peoples hints...
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    Waxing extra strong hairs?!

    Hi Guys, This is my first post with yourselves, so hello and thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I have worked mainly in a hotel salon just one day a week for about 18 months since being qualified and so therefore have not built up too much experience with waxing as it just isn't...