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    How to achieve this colour?

    Can any one help please? My customer is the bleach blonde all over colour and wants to achieve the ithe colour? Can anyone help please? I normally use well koleston? Thank you.
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    What's the best builder in a bottle?

    What's everyones recommendations for builder in a bottle? Tgb is just a no go for me anymore. There's to much worry surrounding it. The trouble is I've tried a couple of other brands and they don't last no where near as long as tgb? X
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    Washing customer's hair at home?

    Hi everyone I have a sly kitted out salon on the side of my parents house. Buy they are moving so I'm having to work from my own house. I only have a room big enough for a chair and mirror and a little storage. No room for a basin [emoji24] I have a bath and a separate stand in shower. So my...
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    Lash lift, what products to use?

    Hey what products do you all use for lash lifting? I'm using the salon services one ATM but I don't think it's as good as it use to be?
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    E-file training Kent

    Does anyonw know if any companies that do e-file training in Kent please?
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    Farmavita Life Colour Plus professional?

    Hi does anyone have any experience with these colours? I've never seen them before.
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    Blonde hair without full bleach

    So my customer is base 6/7and wants to be blonde. At the minute we use koleston 10/16 pasted on with bleach hilites but the base colour is a bit to brassy. What's the best anyone's achieved without bleaching the hair fully? I don't mind which brands. Any guidance would be great thank you.
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    Kiera Sky advice

    Has anyone used the Kiera sky dipping powder? Also to buy the starter kit on it's around £xxx and to buy it on it £xxx. I know I will have to pay skipping from America but it still works out cheaper? But now I don't know if both websites are trusted?
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    Horrible customer!

    So a customer in her 40s who I have done for a few years asked if they could borrow our next to me crib as her sister was coming over from abroad to stay with them and she has a little boy. We lent her the next to me crib which she then put of for 3 months returning! When it returned there was a...
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    50 presents for my mum’s 50th

    Hey we want to get mum mum 50 things for her 50th. We want the majority of them to have something to do with 50 and then we can top up with things like jewellery and perfume. So far we have, a coin key ring from 1969 (her birthdays next year) now 50, a record of what was number one on her...
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    How to stop cats using my garden as a toilet?

    If anyone know how to stop this please help. We have a little boy who obviously uses the garden. And the cats are going to the toilet out the front and back. We got up this morning to them having pooed on our patio. We already have the things that make a high pitched screech but they don’t work...
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    Brazilian blow dry and breast feeding

    Can you have a Brazilian blow dry if you breast feed?
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    Hair has gone green

    Last week I dyed a customers hair from blonde to a base 7. I put warmth in the colour but I also pre dyed the hair with a copper and dryed it before putting the brown on. She has now messaged me saying it's gone green is there anything she can do? Just waiting on a picture from her.
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    ibe had an older lady come in and asked for a perm. She said she used to have a light perm as she didn't like it to look like a poodle lol. She has very very strong straight hair. What would you use on this? Was thinking a root perm? She has a short style.
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    50 presents for dad's 50th birthday?

    Hey everyone. Can anyone give me ideas please as to little gifts I can get my dad. I want to get him 50 presents for his 50th birthday xx
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    Brazilian blow dry

    Can anyone recommend any Brazilian blow dry treatments please? And are they safe to use whilst pregnant?
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    Hi has anyone got any advise please as whats best to use on already pre bleached hair to achieve this look? Thank you.
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    IVIG and pregnancy?

    Has anyone had any trouble trying to fall pregnant when there partner has had IVIG (Immunoglobulin therapy) he had it about 14 years ago.
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    Curly girl method

    Has anyone ever tried the curly girl method? How did you get on with it?
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    Pale pink/lilac

    Hey ladies. A customer has sent me a picture of Kerry Katina with very short pale pink/ lilac hair. What does everyone use to achieve this colour?