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  1. Balance Andover

    Non monetary tips

    What things have you received as a tip? I got 12 free range eggs from a clients own hens once, they were delicious :)
  2. Balance Andover

    Cherry Suntana solution, very spotty when applied

    Does anyone have an issue with the Cherry 10% Suntana solution? To me it seems spotty and I seem to use a lot more during application. I have no issue with the Coconut 8% and have even mixed the coconut and the chocolate to make a 10%, all applications are fine when I do that, it seems it's...
  3. Balance Andover

    What things do you do for clients, that make a difference to your business?

    What little things do you do for clients that make a difference? I offer a little lipstick to my brides in a little screw top pot with a disposable lip brush for them to apply during the day. Everyone is offered a small bottle of mineral water to take away with them. When I leave the...
  4. Balance Andover

    Perron Rigot Blue Lotion

    Hello I discovered today (after running out of make up brush cleaner) that the PR blue lotion is perfect. Smells lovely (not chemically) leaves brushes dry (so no damp brushes in make up) and has antibacterial properties. Perfect for cleaning in-between clients. What other...
  5. Balance Andover

    School book days/themes/dress up's

    How do you parents cope with the constant book days, dress up themes that the children have to now do at school? I've got friends with kids and I swear everytime I speak/hear from or see them they are in a mad panic making or buying something. I would probably very inappropriate if I had...
  6. Balance Andover

    Scary online dating tales

    What scary stories do you have when dating online? I met with a guy a few years ago who tried to snog my face off within seconds (I expected a peck on the cheek) A friend of mine has just lent 6 thousand pounds to a chap she's met online (they've been chatting online and on the phone for three...
  7. Balance Andover

    Waxing geeks - help please

    hello I have a client who wants to try a bikini wax, she has a medium sized scar just on her pubic line at the top. She's cut it shaving in the past so wants to get it waxed. The scar is 14 months old and slightly raised (she is mixed race so is prone to keloid scarring). I was...
  8. Balance Andover

    Salon Systems lash lifting/perming pregnant clients

    Hello I had a query from a pregnant client who wants this treatment done and I got an answer from Training Solutions (Salon Systems) and thought that the information would be useful for members here... They said that due to hormone changes that the procedure may not work or may not work...
  9. Balance Andover

    How sentimental are you?

    How sentimental are you? Do you keep things from old relationships? If so what have you kept? I had an ex, who had an ex who kept absolutely everything to do with their relationship! Me, I just find it cathartic to chuck out the crap when it's over :)
  10. Balance Andover

    American traditions that we now have here?

    What do people think of the American traditions that have caught on here? school proms, baby showers etc... Great for the beauty industry (I've known parents spend about £400 on prom dresses, hair, spray tans, make up, cars etc), I'm just glad that I don't have daughters! :biggrin:
  11. Balance Andover

    Do you look after your bottles?

    Of Shellac, OPI Gel Colour, Vinylux etc that you use for treatments? A little tip I was given when training was to wipe over the neck of the bottle with a little D Sperse/Nas99 if using gel polish or nail polish remover if using nail polish before replacing the cap and putting it back on the...
  12. Balance Andover

    What was the last pop/rock concert you attended?

    Hello I'm off to see Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe tonight, what was the last concert that you attended?
  13. Balance Andover

    Customer journey mapping

    In my old Sales & Marketing role for a large healthcare company we used to often look at and evaluate our Customer Journey. This is the whole process of how you guide a customer through your business and the experience they receive. This helps with retaining your customers and increasing your...
  14. Balance Andover

    Lash removal and lash lifting

    Hello! Some advice please. I patch tested a new client on Monday evening for lash lift and tint, it was booked a couple of weeks ago and she explained to me at the time of booking both appointments that she has semi-permanent lash extensions on and would be having them removed. I saw the...
  15. Balance Andover

    This is what The Army gets up to!

    Has anyone seen the spoof of the Benny Benassi 'satisfaction' pop video that's doing the rounds? The chap with the iron is my 18 year old Stepson Sam :) So This Is What The Army Get Up To (Funny - Must Watch) - YouTube
  16. Balance Andover

    Snow, and elderly neighbours

    Hello!! If you have elderly neighbours don't forget to check that they are ok and have everything that they need if you've been affected by the snow :) Michelle
  17. Balance Andover

    Did anyone see last night's Eastenders?

    Did anyone see last nights Eastenders? the character Lola got a job in the beauty salon, she was doing a manicure on a 'client' completely untrained and unqualified, very unrealistic :eek:
  18. Balance Andover

    Older students

    Hello At the college where I am doing my level 2 beauty we have a level 2 hair student who is 65 years old, she's recently retired and has taken up hairdressing with no previous experience so she can continue to work from home, she looks amazing, very well groomed. What is the age and...
  19. Balance Andover

    Kylie's eye make up on last night's X Factor

    Hello, I would love the eyeshadow that Kylie wore last night in my kit, it was gold, sparkly and shimmery and looked fab with her red lips, anyone have any idea what brand and colour it was? Thanks Michelle x
  20. Balance Andover

    Wedding make up for a terminally ill person, help please!

    My Auntie is terminally ill with only a couple of weeks to live, my Cousin has managed to get a special licence so he can marry his girlfriend on Saturday (their wedding was originally planned for Nov but they've bought it forward). My auntie has asked me to do her make up, she is in her early...