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  1. Anna Ljungberg

    Sam Biddle's Sneak Peak Week

    Hey, Not sure why I didn't post this sooner, but Sam Biddle is doing a week long Sneak Peak free taster course, I signed up having only done 2 of her short nail art courses before, and so far 3 days in it has been absolutely brilliant. I...
  2. Anna Ljungberg

    Lint free wipes

    Hey geeks, I've spent waaaay too long browsing the internet for a solution to my lint free wipe problems! I'm mobile, so I'd like a way of storing my wipes securely, yet looking professional. I've currently got some wipes in a clear screw lid jar, but it looks kind of silly when I set my table...
  3. Anna Ljungberg

    What do you think of the new OPI Gel Break kind of polishes?

    I was just reading the new issue of Scratch magazine and saw the new OPI Gel Break treatment set. I'm not sure what I think of this, as I don't personally believe in giving nails a break from gel polish or enhancements... I'm not sure I see their usefulness at all, and was just wondering what...
  4. Anna Ljungberg

    Practice tip tool

    Hey, I'm just wondering what people use to secure their tips in order to create some designs on tips for display? I've just tried securing some tips to a orange wood stick with some blue tac, but it doesn't really adhere very well, and I'm just wondering if there is some ingenious tool out...
  5. Anna Ljungberg

    Striping brush

    Hey, I've been browsing the internet for a long striping brush in order to start practicing my lines! I've got a few Crystal Nails brushes and love them, but I can't seem to find a striper by them. I've found the Harmony and the Lecente brushes, just curious what anyone else uses. :) Cheerio,