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  1. dellaznailz

    Happy 2nd Birthday CND Shellac! How has it changed your life?

    It's hard to believe that two years ago today many of us were at The Event II so excited about the brand new global launch of the latest innovation from CND: Shellac! I don't know about you but it has changed my life completely and forever. My nails; happy to be short, they are always pretty...
  2. dellaznailz

    Doug Schoon's Brain on DVD!

    I just found out the first 10 episodes of Doug Schoon's Brain will be available on DVD from May. The great news is it will be UK compatible too. Schoon Scientific Brochure of Beauty, Cosmetic and Personal Care industry consultation services by Schoon Scientific I have already pre-ordered mine...
  3. dellaznailz

    CND Sea Serum, how often can I use it?

    CND Sea Serum, how often can I use it? I can't find any info on product profiles or MSDS Obviously on clients as and when they come for pedicures :green: But my query is for me! I have a really hard callus on my foot so I am using CND Sea Serum weekly as it has a high concentration of...
  4. dellaznailz

    Science question for gel geeks

    I feel I should know the answer to this but I don't :green: Why don't 'hard' gels like Brisa soak off? Is it because oligmers are more tightly cross linked so harder to break down or is it the amount of photo initiators? or something else? Yes I have done a search :green: I'm sure...
  5. dellaznailz

    Geek Meet Professional Beauty ExCeL Feb 2011

    I thought it was about time we started a geek meet thread for Pro beauty. I know many of us have our priorities at the S2 stand with Shellac 2.00 being launched but there will be others things going on too! I am going on the Sunday 26th Feb and I know plenty Scottish geeks will be there...
  6. dellaznailz

    TPTW would you ever give up on a nail biter?

    I have a chronic male nail biter client. I have never seen anything like it :eek: After full explanation about maintenance, overexposure, after-care etc. I agree to sculpt his nails. Sculpting is my preferred technique anyway but he literally has about 2 mm of nails left so tips would not be...
  7. dellaznailz

    Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Many congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton who announced their engagement today. The big question is: what did Kate have on her nails (looked like Shellac!) and who did them?
  8. dellaznailz

    Happy Halloween!

    BOO! :Scared::evil: Greetings fellow geeks on this Eve of All Hallows :hug:
  9. dellaznailz

    Lets get back to knowledge

    After the numerous 'can I use this lamp with Shellac' , It's September and I've started a course can you do my homework posts and some unpleasantness on other sites I would like to get back to what I love about this site; Sharing knowledge and supporting each other. (Sorry for the rant, I'm...
  10. dellaznailz

    Anyone use or tried Lip-Ink?

    Hi geeks Do any of you use Lip-Ink? Would you recommend it as a MUA for brides? Thinking of getting a starter kit to try on myself but don't want to waste money!
  11. dellaznailz

    Father Christmas or Santa?

    We have always been visited by Father Christmas in our family and this works very well as my two stepdaughters also have the advantage of a visit from Santa at their mum's house! :green: I know Father Christmas was originally a very different character than Santa who is predominantly from USA...
  12. dellaznailz

    Unbiased feedback/review of IBD needed please

    Hope you lovely IBD geeks can help me. Due to long term illness of a previous tutor I have been called in at the last minute to teach nail technology at Camborne college.This is fine as I have done so many times before at other colleges using CND products The thing is the kits (L&P and...
  13. dellaznailz

    Happy Birthday Samuel Sweet, Grand Master Geek

    Happy Birthday GMG xxxx:hug::hug:
  14. dellaznailz

    Nail art ideas for an 80's theme party?

    Hi Geeky friends I have been asked by a new client to do nail art for her 40th birthday which will have an 80's theme. It's not until August so she doesn't know what she is going to wear yet but I would like to have a play:green: I can think of the following fashions for 80's (I wore...
  15. dellaznailz

    Doug Schoon in 3D!!!

    OMG On his Facebook page Doug was talking about his nail in 3d class and mentioned he is in talks with GMG about doing it here!!!!!!! The cat is out the bag now geeks.:green: Judy1999 I thought you were Doug's official stalker did you know about this:lol: Come on S2 give us the...
  16. dellaznailz

    Happy Birthday Sam Biddle

    According to facebook, Sam is spending the day shoe shopping! You go girl lol Happy Birthday Sam:hug::hug::hug:
  17. dellaznailz

    Paradise Island Step by Step

    Hi geeky friends. Now I'm a Premmie :green: I thought I would try a tutorial. Be gentle with me lol This is not an original idea but may be useful to beginners:hug:
  18. dellaznailz

    Brisa Bolds infills

    How do you Brisa geeks do infills when usings bolds colours? I've done a NNO with one colour (warm opaque), two weeks later did infills with same, buffed with 180 etc and applied red Brisa then gloss etc so now another two weeks later need to infill (client wants them same again) I know...
  19. dellaznailz

    Empty pots for storing mixed gels

    Can anyone tell me the best source for good quality empty pots/jars suitable for storing custom blends of gel? I know it's not very cost effective to have lots of different mix gels and normally I just mix what I need for that client, but to save time I would like to make some bigger...
  20. dellaznailz

    Happy St Piran's Day Cornish Geeks

    St. Piran - Sen piran Saint Piran is the patron saint of tin-miners. He is also generally regarded as the national saint of Cornwall. Saint Piran's Flag is a white cross on a black background. St Piran's Day is March 5th. For those of you who don't know about this Cornish holiday see St Piran...