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  1. VHunter

    CND Solar Oil Mani Campaign Poster

    Hey ladies, (and gents) Perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I have been all over the web looking, and unable to find 'THE' poster that I want most. The Solar Oil Campaign Poster with Geeg's mani and the oil drizzling down the hand (as seen on the cover of Nailclass). Can...
  2. VHunter

    CND At Walmart?

    I am LIVID this morning! Can someone PLEASE explain this to me! Why are these products at Walmart and WHY are the prices PUBLIC? I'm madder than a wet cat right now... cnd -
  3. VHunter

    Re-branding, change of business name?

    In October, I am moving from Quebec/Canada (a French province) to Ontario/Canada (bilingual, but mostly English province). My current business name is "Ongles Chez Victoria" (which means "Nails at Victoria's"). Already, even in Quebec, the English population has a problem with this name. So...
  4. VHunter

    Re-Branding, Change of Business Name?

  5. VHunter

    CND to be bought out?

    I hope that I'm reading this wrong and that I've missunderstood. But am I correct, and this article says that Revlon (that retails to general public) has purchased CND? And if yes, should we be concerned about diversion? Up until now, CND has always been PROFESSIONAL only. I love it for...
  6. VHunter

    What's your CND cover pink recipe?

    Soooo now to create 'my' perfect pink. Because let's face it... we all have our own preferences. But perhaps with everyone's assistance, I could save myself from making oopsies and creating waste by accident. Would anyone mind sharing their personal cover pink recipe (opaque and/or...
  7. VHunter

    Long overdue - My CND certification

    First off, HEY EVERYBODY!!!! Gosh, long time no visit:o:o:o:o Sorry about that. You can smack me later :D Those that know me are aware that over the years I moaned over lack of education here in Montreal and how I couldn't get proper CND training. Oh, and did I ever moan and gripe over...
  8. VHunter

    CND Head Office?

    I realize that in each country, or zone (if you will) has a CND head office. BUT is there a CND 'head office' above all of the others? The Parent company if you will? Thanks
  9. VHunter

    Doggie daycare at the salon?

    Ok, been a while since I've been in here. lol Anyhow, for those that don't know me; I work from home and am an avid animal lover. I have a crazy but social and affectionate cat AND 2 x 60lb dogs. Also, both affectionate and socialized and WELL behaved. I'm an advocate for animal rights and...
  10. VHunter

    How to make more money re: NSS & MMA

    NOW that I have your attention........... On an almost daily basis, I hear/read complaints regarding the following: - NSS ruined nails of my client - NSS is undercutting my prices - NSS is ruining the reputation of Acrylic - NSS is selling service as 'Gel' but using Acrylic - I had to remove...
  11. VHunter

    Seeking Nail Tech Located in/near Paris, France

    Hi! As the thread title says, I'm looking for a Nail Tech located in or near Paris/France. I have a client to refer to him/her. The tech MUST be experienced, and MUST be adept at nail art. He/she MUST also be bilingual as this is an ENGLISH client who has not yet learned to speak French (but...
  12. VHunter

    UV Gel Paint - How many kinds are out there, and what are your thoughts on them?

    UV Gel Paint interests me GREATLY. I first saw it in use at VivCat-Canada back in October. "The One" by ONS. Loved it!! Have since learned of the ones by Sam Biddle, and also Mosaic by Viis. What other kinds are out there? Has anyone compared them? Can they be used on Shellac (or similar)...
  13. VHunter

    Ez Flow Alternative Soak-off Gel: have you tried it?

    Has anyone tried Ez Flow's Alternative soak-off gel, and what are you thoughts? EzFlow® | alternative Soak Off
  14. VHunter

    Master Educators - Ever travel?

    To all of those that are "Master Educators" or "Education Embassadors", my question to you is: Have you ever travelled OR know of a Master Educator that has, to offer Educator's training? I've spoken to 5 schools/distributors today (Montreal/Quebec), and NONE have ever had a Master Educator...
  15. VHunter

    Course Outlines & No# of hours required in US/UK for licensing...

    Hey folks! I have to prepare a presentation for a local Career Education Center to propose teaching Nail Technology there. I'm trying to piece together with very detailed 'specifics' what's required around the world, and why we need to improve standards in Canada. Essentially, I want to say...
  16. VHunter

    Conflict of Interest - When friends want to learn

    Over the years, this one or that one has wanted me to teach them how to do nails. My reply has been "I want to learn more before I teach" and then advised them what direction to take to the best of my abilities. Recently a 'friend' was making enquiries. She asked me about a few different...
  17. VHunter

    Rhinestone French - which method

    I have a client that wants a Rhinestone French for the Christmas season. The ENTIRE free-edge in Rhinestones. I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to do it, for the best longevity. 1) standard rebalance, set rhinestones in uv gloss (I worry about this... as on the rare occasion, one...
  18. VHunter

    How to get the MOST out of SG?

    I wonder if there aren't some people who don't understand HOW to get the most out of this website? Here's my opinion, take it or leave it. Feel free to add to the list. Have an open mind. Accept that sometimes, you are WRONG and be willing to learn from it Accept that while you may not like...
  19. VHunter

    Resource/Theory Materials in French

    For those of you for whom English is not your first language, can you please point me in the direction of written materials in French? I'm looking for materials similar to MIlady's Standard Nail Technology and Doug Schoon's Nail Structure & Product chemistry and more. Thanks!
  20. VHunter

    For Educators & Distributors: what ratio of students continue on full time?

    This question is directed at Educators and Distributors. Of those that take courses, what percentage continue beyond 12mths and what ratio do you think develop a full time career. I have my own thoughts on this, watching newbies come and go here on Geek. Also, from my one of my own classes...