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  1. Rory Love

    Done my CND complete course, now what?

    Feeling so disheartened at the moment. I'm 24, I did the CND Complete course last year which I thoroughly enjoyed but I'm stuck in a rut and lost at what to do for the best. I've worked in retail since I was at Uni, I'm currently working full time in a job that I am so unhappy in. I've applied...
  2. Rory Love

    Removing gel, C curve tightening?

    Sorry couldn't find answer to this in search.. I've just been removing a Brisa gel overlay from my nails (applied yesterday - just for practice done by another girl from my course), using Nourishing Remover + Magis wraps and after around 15-20 minutes my nails, especially thumbs started to...
  3. Rory Love

    Job-less, car-less, what to do?

    Hey all, Feeling very down about everything right now. Just been told I'm not entitled to job seeker's allowance as my boyfriend works 30 hours pw (minimum wage) and as I live with him and his family I can't have anything. I still have to pay rent to his dad and pay for food shopping every...
  4. Rory Love

    Is it limiting to just offer nail treatments?

    Hey, my first thread (been lurking here for over a year!), I'm at the beginning of the CND Complete Course (and loving it!), once qualified I planned on just offering all nail treatments. Today my course group were discussing which treatments they're trained in and what else to train in, and...