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  1. DivineByDesign

    Best hot wax?

    Hi everyone, I've tried doing a search first for his but nothing is coming up at all. Although I'm trained in beauty therapy, I only do my own treatments as my salon is nails and tans only. I currently use a warm wax but I much prefer a hot wax. Can anyone recommend an amazing hot wax to...
  2. DivineByDesign

    Any Chester based salons fit my customer in?

    My salon is in Chester and I use CND L&P and Shellac. My number is 07952 673396 xx
  3. DivineByDesign

    Which brand brow tint?

    I love refectocil, the colour range is amazing and it lasts beautifully without fading and the colour is intense ie, black for lashes. I custom mix for my own brows depending on how red I've had my hair tinted but there's also great shades of brown that suit really fair blondes xx
  4. DivineByDesign

    Noisy CND lamp

    My second lamp ( I use 2 and it's my newest, about 18 months old) started doing this about 3 months after I got it. It's still fine and stops after the first client of the day normally xx
  5. DivineByDesign

    Gel II UK launch is nearly here

    I've just finished reviewing Gel2 / Gel II and written a blog post and filmed a video review and tutorial on it if anyone wants to see my first impressions of it xNx Gel 2 Review | Gel II UK Review | Is Gel 2 Any Good?
  6. DivineByDesign

    WorldPay Zinc

    I use worldpay zinc and can't fault it. The only thing I wish it could do was connect to your address book on your phone/ipad when inputting the mobile number for receipt issue xx
  7. DivineByDesign

    Irresistible Neon Shadows

    Lecente (formerly Irresistible) and I have produced some tutorials to feature on their You Tube channel to help techs to achieve perfect results with their products every time. Here is one of the tutorials using the Neon Nail Shadows to achieve a full coverage. Hope it helps. There are other...
  8. DivineByDesign

    New CND courses

    Thanks for all the love ladies, lovely to know I have your support xx
  9. DivineByDesign

    Good quality tools

    My favourite curette is a Mehaz from the US, not cheap with import duties but worth every single penny ten times over. My other favourite is my precision pushie from S2 and I also love their cuticle nips xx
  10. DivineByDesign

    New CND courses

    Thanks for noticing that I was missing Mini4Mum ;). I took the difficult decision in May to step down as an Education Ambassador due to personal reasons. The SAMs were great and totally understood my reasons even if I was incredibly sad about it. I still have my salon and now I have more time to...
  11. DivineByDesign

    How to-Shellac French with glitter?

    I've just produced a how-to video tutorial for glitter French tips. Hope it helps (if you can't watch through the browser you can watch through the you tube app xx Holographic Glitter Tip "French" Nail Art Using Shellac/Gel Polish - YouTube
  12. DivineByDesign

    Shellac removal - something's changed?

    I've used the Nourishing remover since it first came out and fell in love with it. A few times I've ran out and used dsolve and noticed a definite difference in timings and how the nails and skin around look white after. However, since the cold weather has kicked in I've noticed a HUGE...
  13. DivineByDesign

    Clear Shellac

    I would second the "Clearly Pink", as I would describe it as a 'lip gloss' for nails. Not a definite colour but subtle enough to create a healthy natural nail look but still easily removable in 8 minutes with CND Nourishing Remover. It's by far my most used colour as I use it over my glitters...
  14. DivineByDesign

    What brush do you use for Additives?

    No problem, thanks for your lovely words and support xx
  15. DivineByDesign

    Pregnant working at nail desk

    I had a kidney shaped desk which made it easier to work until my due date. Also perhaps try a low stool to help you change your seating position. Hope you manage to sort something xxx
  16. DivineByDesign

    What brush do you use for Additives?

    I use a CND Proseries Size 6 gel oval brush. It's my favourite and I have 5, each for doing different jobs xx
  17. DivineByDesign

    CND UV lamps - solution may not agree with everyone

    Was it this one? Xxx
  18. DivineByDesign

    CND UV lamps - solution may not agree with everyone

    All techs should take time to read this post from Marian, it is sadly accurate, informative and shows how we can easily destroy our own industry through our unprofessional actions and opinions. I would like a future in this industry, as I'm sure others would so please, let us act like educated...
  19. DivineByDesign

    Another open day at S2 Leeds

    That's most definitely not me, not a fan of having my picture taken ;) xx
  20. DivineByDesign

    Another open day at S2 Leeds

    Thank you so much! What a lovely compliment xxx:hug: