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  1. beauty4you

    Tinting dilema HELP!! please

    Hi All, Wondering if you could help. I have been tinting for 3 years now and today had a new lady carried out my prep vasaline on the eyes upper and lower placed a pad under the bottom lashes on top of vasaline, tinted as normal until I removed the pads and on only 1 eye my client had a load...
  2. beauty4you

    Beauty 4 You West Dunbartonshire

    Beauty 4 You is a home run salon. providing the following treatments Tanning, Waxing, Tinting, Threading, Lash Perming, Semipermanent Lash extensions, Nails(natural and artificial), hopi Ear candelling, Facials and Indian Head Massage. Beauty 4 You is based in Alexandria West Dunbartonshire...
  3. beauty4you

    Trying to win a mobile phone, need your votes please

    Hi All, My sister is trying to win a new mobile and had to do photo for Cityman the new Nokia mobile there picture has been shortlisted but are needing votes to win. If you have time please could you go and vote for her picture here thank you very much Cath This is their picture!
  4. beauty4you

    Brow tint only lasting 3 days

    Hi fellow geeks, Wondering if I can have oyur advise. My neice has issues with hair dye only lasting a few weeks before needing done again but I tinted her brows last time they lasted a few weeks but this time they only lasted 3 days before needing done again. Wondering if it could be...
  5. beauty4you

    New Logo

    Well Carl has just designed my logo and I love it I have gone for a1. What do you think. I know most people ask before they go ahead but I had a lot of family imput and didn't want to be too confused. Thanks new page 2 Cath x
  6. beauty4you

    Waxing help

    Hey folks, looking for a bit of advise re wax sticking. Iit has happened to nearly all my clients where the wax doesn't come off up to 5 times after applying the strip and pulling we always get there though but this is worrying me as it is happening with different wax types that I am trying...
  7. beauty4you

    Inspired by Jenny2

    Well geeks, After being inspired by Jenny, I was in a local hairdressers who just happen to have a room to let for £100 per week. It is not central but the only one in that part of a small town. Main centre is full of hairdressers with added beauticians or beauticians. I was asking out...
  8. beauty4you

    Skin care range help please

    Hi geeks, I am no good with skin care ranges and was wondering if anyone could recommend a skin care range for my sister who has mega sensitive skin. to the point of getting a reaction to her own sweat. She has tried cheaper ranges (eg simple botanics etc) to dearer ranges ( moltan brown...
  9. beauty4you

    Fundraising what would you charge

    Hi there geeks, I ma doing a fundraising night this friday and was going to do a mini manicure / pedi about 10 to 15 minutes what would you suggest and what would you charge?? I will be offering facial waxing tinting and tanning on the night and can keep them all the same but the mani / pedi...
  10. beauty4you

    Toddler fundraising night

    I have set up a fundraising night for my daughters toddler group this friday night my sister and I are doing a partylite and pamper night she sells candles and I do little pamper treatments. I only do tanning tinting waxing and nails. I was thinking of offering facial tinting and waxing...
  11. beauty4you

    Which way do you spray tan?

    Hi Geeks, I was reading a tutorial on tanning and was wondering if you spray up and down or rainbow across when tanning and if you have tried both which do you prefer? I was taught to rainbow all part bar the lower leg and arm. to stripe vertical for these. So far I have had no issuse but...
  12. beauty4you

    Classic Tan

    Hey folks, I have just upgraded my gun and I found a really good deal well I think it was with Classic Tan. I am just wondering if anyone out there was using this tan or had experiences with it. I trained with Sun Labs and like thier solution but would like to try others now. Thanks...
  13. beauty4you

    Just finished training and need guinea pigs for waxing

    Hi Guy,s n girls, I have just had my 2 day wax training course and I have been reading threads on here about what people think about the courses. I have left my training feeling confident but need a few pep's that would be willing to let me practice and give advise. I am in the West...
  14. beauty4you

    Newbie wax training glasgow help??

    Hi All I am new to the site. I amLooking to see if anyone can help with a waxing course in glasgow?? I really want to go this month. I have found a couple but looking to see if anyone can give advise. one's I have found are london Therapists £245 ELB £180 + Vat Caledonian Therapy Academy...