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  1. Gelly

    Christian Eyebrow Powders??

    Hello!!! Before I part with my hard earned... has anyone tried these powders? All reviews that I have manage to find on the web have been positive - but I much prefer geek reviews :D Hope someone can help Cheers!!
  2. Gelly

    This is so funny...

    My sister just sent this to me.... I nearly p'd myself laughing. They are my dad and my friends faces... you can add any face you want. Hahaha my dads face looks so funny!!!... if not a little wrong lol
  3. Gelly

    Should we keep the shower?

    Hi Just a quickie. :green: I am about to take over the lease on a commercial property.. was previously a salon. In one of the treatment rooms is a HUGE shower. I was thinking of taking it out as it takes away such a large part of the room. We will be offering body treatments... My...
  4. Gelly

    Training - Universal Contour Wrap?

    Hi all A colleague of mine wants to introduce the Universal Contour Wrap system to the salon. I have searched but I can't find where she would go for training... I was hoping one of my geeky pals could help? :green: We are in Surrey. Thanks in advance :hug:
  5. Gelly

    Purex Nail Desk Owners.... can you advise me?

    Evening all. I am hoping that those of you who have first hand experience of the Purex can help me out please? I am looking for a desk that will reduce dust and odour in the salon.... I think Purex sounds perfect for those points. But... I also need enough working space for 1, maybe 2 UV...
  6. Gelly

    Anyone tried 'Famous Dave's' or 'Rich Silken Chocolate' Spray Tan Solutions?

    I have found my winning 'natural' tan... phew, that search is over - for those that are interested, I have chosen UnReal - It is LOVELY - seriously natural looking, no odour, lasts and fades beautifully!!! only thing is it is a little too natural for some :grr: So I am on the hunt for a...
  7. Gelly

    Spray Tan over a healed SKIN GRAFT on face?

    Hi I am planning to give my mum a spray tan tonight. Since the last time I sprayed her ( a long time ago) she has had a skin graft operation on her face where she had to have a cancerous area removed near her eye and onto the bridge of her nose. It has healed... I am wondering what is...
  8. Gelly

    Purelynailz in this months Scratch

    What an excellent article.... on an excellent tech! Well done chick :hug: Your work is lovely.... reminds me of how much I need to practise! Can't wait to get together at the VivCat do in September!! So excited.
  9. Gelly

    Purelynailz in this months Scratch

  10. Gelly

    Your 'dream' mobile nail desk / manicure table?

    I've been lugging my nail desk around all week :irked: The thing is so blinkin' heavy! I hate the way that the strip around the edge prevents me from clearing all of the dust from the surface. The draw is a pain in the butt! The legs open up when I am getting it out of the boot of my car.... I...
  11. Gelly

    Best Nail Art Foils?

    Hoping someone can help me! I am looking for the best quality foils, adhesive and top coat. Any advice is truly appreciated :hug:
  12. Gelly

    Happy Birthday ZoZo

    Happy Birthday to my LOVELY friend Zoe xxxx:hug:
  13. Gelly

    I've just ordered an Ultra Sculptor!

    Thought a bigger brush was in order :idea: Over the past few months I have learned to love my ProStyler.... we just didn't get on before. I used a EZF 508 for a long time but put it away to conquer my fear of the ProStyler :eek: I also have a lovely brush by INM - have no clue what it's...
  14. Gelly

    Is there an OPI Red that is as red as CND Wildfire?

    Wildfire is my perfect shade of red..... I wondered if OPI have a shade as perfect? I would like to see how they compare.... application, dry time etc. Thanks in advance xxx
  15. Gelly

    Sweet nails (pic)

    Just had a play on my own nails with my sweet canes..... I really love them :lol: What do you think??
  16. Gelly

    The event update.......important!!!

    To all attending The Event this weekend... We will no longer be working on tips! Therefore we are required to attend with natural nails. I just called Debbie at S2 - she is currently composing a letter to us all regarding the above info. S2/CND feel that there will be enough time...
  17. Gelly

    Who's Flying to The Event from Heathrow?

    Just wondering who else is flying to the event from Heathrow? Helen Griffiths and I have just booked flights, wondered if any other geeks will be on the same plane? Our plane is scheduled to leave Heathrow at 10.50am on the Friday.
  18. Gelly

    Have any Hair geeks trained with Saks - NVQ level 2?

    Hey all. I wondered if any of you guys have done one of the NVQ level 2 Hairdressing courses with Saks? If so, what did you think? Cheers:green:
  19. Gelly

    LVL Lashes - If you offer LVL please read!!

    I am really interested in the LVL lash treatment, the results look great in their adverts. I like that it doesn't need to be maintained and is meant to last 8-12 weeks..... But I am struggling to find any real info and opinion about it. So for those of you who have trained and actually offer...
  20. Gelly

    Helen E Cosmetics - Any good?

    Hi! Just wondering if any of you have tried Helen E makeup and what you thought of it? I know they were at Olympia and they retail in Debenhams on Oxford Street.... but that's about it! Any comments (good or impartial), I'd love to know what it's like....... PM me if you prefer. Thanks...