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    Lip Foils @ Professional Beauty North 2011?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if there was more than Glitzy Lips at PB North 2011 please? because we saw union jacks and leaord print but Gltzy Lps dont do them. Can any one help? Thnaks
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    Micro skin needling, iontopherysis or microdermabrasion?

    I'm heading down to professional beauty this weekend to research new treatments. before i do i wanted to know what facial treatments you would recommend to introduce. at the moment we off Eve Taylor aromatherapy facials which i do like but wanto offer a more intensive treatment. I'm...
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    CND profile picture

    does anyone know what polish is used on the CND facebook profile picture please?
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    How to get client feedback

    As the title suggests. What method works best for you?
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    Looking for a pedicure stand and ideas?

    Hi, I'm looking for a pedicure stand but instead of the foot/legrest i am wanting a footbar that goes across horizontal. Does that make any sense? Any ideas would be appreciated?
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    sink in a treatment room?

    I have contacted the Environmental Health with regards to this now waiting for a reply. But i thought i would hear your views on it. Is it a H&S requirement to have a sink in a treatment room?
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    I need a new skincare range

    Hi I'm needing a new skincare range and undecided as to which one to go with. I prefer a performance driven range rather than a spa range, but any ideas as long as it give results. I'll will be contacting reps but wanted to narrow it down abit. I do have a budget so if you could maybe give some...
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    Nouveau and a b-cirl

    Does anyone know if Nouveau do a b-curl?
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    Employers Liability

    I'm looking for some advice on which company to use please many thanks in advance Debbie,x
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    who should i choose...what would you do?

    Hi, i need abit of advice and your opinion on a matter. Having done a handfull of interviews i've shortlisted it down to two people. Now my dilemma is, the first lady has her NVQ 2 in beauty therapy in 2010 and booked to do her NVQ 3 in September. However she's not qualified in nail...
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    Hot wax

    Hi, i'm looking for recommendations on hot waxes. which do you find easy to work with and has excellent results? I'm wanting to offer female intimate waxing and looking for any comments and recommendations on training please,x
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    Beauty Therapist

    Part-time Beauty Therapist required to work 16 hrs over 2-3 days to be discussed, in a new and exciting hair and beauty salon in Workington. Must be qualified to NVQ level 3 with qualifications in nail extentions essential. Competative rate of pay depending on qualifications and experience...
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    Which body polish/scrub?

    I'm wanting to introduce a body polish and scrub into our salon. I'm looking for any recommendations. Another thing to point out is that there is no access to a shower, so lwould this be ok?
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    Employing staff

    I'm looking for a little feedback. I'm currently renting a beauty room and nail bar in a hair and beauty salon. It's going really well, so well that i'm thinking of employing another therapist to work the days that i'm not in the salon. My question is to those that are employers is at what...
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    Paye for employees

    Im looking for a little feedback from those of you who have employees. If an employee earns under the limit for PAYE what are the normal procedures?
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    Pedicure chair

    I'm looking for a second hand perdicure chair. Does anyone have one or know of one for sale? Many thanks,x
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    Spray tan extractors

    I'm looking to buy an extractor for spray tanning, and interested in hearing what everyone thinks. I would appreciate any advice on what to buy and what kinda strength. The extractor will not be external All ideas appreciated,x
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    Nouveu or Flirties

    I know alot has been written lately on lashes. I've narrowed it down to Flirties or Nouveu. Has anyone any experience with these two companies negative and positives please One more thing does anyone know if the price quoted with Nouveau includes a kit? Thanks in advance,x
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    Tip and overlay on bitten nails....

    Why is it that 9 times out of 10 whenever i tip and overlay a client with badly bitten nails look like smarties? Does anyone else have problems with bitten nails coming off after a few days. This seems to be happening a lot lately, clients cancelling due to losing all their nails. It's...
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    Who are you insured with?

    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who's setting up a hair & beauty salon and is looking for a competitive quote for insurance. any recommendations on good reliable insurance companies would be great, Many thanks,x